Life of a student – Problems that every Indian student will relate to


Student life. Well, some say that it is the best part of one’s life and others want to get out of it asap. Whatever they say but the things that matter the most are how we handle it – really? No, it wholly depends on our relatives, peers and over-enthusiastic neighbour aunty – your 24/7 CCTV camera neighbours. Here are some common problems in the life of a student.

Life of a student in India

Mera Beta Doctor Banega

Two careers that are most popular in India are doctor and engineer. As soon as you are born your fate is decided! Remember that scene from 3 Idiots! Where Farhan’s future is decided the moment he has born! There may be identical situations in your life too, well there is no end to all this crap all you could do is use your two ears – hear from one and dump from the other!

The Great Task of Mugging up

That is something the students are expert in! Waking up a night before the exams just to mug up the whole syllabus in one go and then just vomit all the messed up things on the paper to allow a single sheet of paper decide your future!

Comprehending your way to success instead of mugging up


Whether you are in middle school or high school even some college students also face the crisis where you repeatedly march all the way from home to school and then to the tuitions. With all that travelling and too much of notes, self-study just eloped from the back door.

Marks. Percentages. Grades

People often advise you to focus more on knowledge and less on grades, however, as per our mentality all we chase is numbers and stuff! We always prefer marks over knowledge and ultimately if we tend to turn tables around then that Sharma Ji ka ladka, comes in the way.


The biggest fear in everybody’s life is the time when one has to take the board examinations. Whether it is state board or the central board, it causes a huge nervous breakdown even to the calmest person of the school. And on top of that, the continuous reminders from our relatives and neighbors that their children studied for this much of time and they scored this much and so on, makes the student more nervous.

Most of the parents however take boards tooo seriously as they think that it is the most important phase in their child’s life but trust me it is just the beginning of your never ending journey into the real world.

Saving Things up for the Last Moment

Well, that is something we all are experts in. If saving up thing for the last moment is an art then we are its Picasso, all we want to do is enjoy and waste the valuable time when it was actually the right moment and always keep saying to ourselves – Will do it tomorrow! However, we all know that tomorrow never comes until it’s too late, and then we are left with nothing else but hell lots of work.

Although, you may have to deal with a hell lot of things during your student life, but these things make your life more interesting as when you grow up and pass out this phase of life then you will remember it for years not because of your marks or percentage but because of your family, friends and those cranky teachers who never missed a class!