Life is a Melody – Enjoy it while you can | Tale of a student


Walking with a smile on my face, with my eyes staring into a blank space, earplugs in my ears with my favorite song playing and the breeze gently touching my skin, I want to hold this moment in my arms forever. I didn’t know for so long, music could be so hypnotizing. It stirs your imagination and heals all your wounds.

You know what the best part about music is? It exists everywhere, in the chirping of birds, the pitter-patter sound of raindrops falling on the windows, the burbling of rivers, the cock-a-doodle-doo of the morning chicken and a lot of others, rejuvenate the soul. Music even acts as a therapy for people suffering from depression or mentally challenged patients. Researchers have proved that good music helps you lift your mood and re-focus on the positive part of life.

“Life Is A Melody- Live It While You Can, Live It Every Breath…”

   Life is a Melody - Enjoy it while you can

Life is full of challenges and hurdles, but to be honest, giving up is never a solution. You got to make yourself strong enough to face all the upcoming obstacles to fulfill your dreams.

As a song says, Life is a beautiful melody only the lyrics are messed up. So change them according to your ways and let your voice echo in the world of your dreams. Let your tensions slip from your mind for some time and tune your heart to your favorite chords, it’s not the easiest way but it is definitely the most effective one to sweep all the problems out. It has the power to bring out any emotion, something we are all touched by, no matter what culture we belong to.

It gives wings to the dreams and flight to the artistic imaginations in the sky full of opportunities. It speaks for us when words can’t. What an attractive view is to the eyes, a fragrance is to the nose and a flavorsome dish is to the palate, so is music to the ears. It is an aspect of education for the realization of the soul.

Whenever I see people tripping over the floor and moving to the beats, an optimistic spirit rushes into my mind. Mythological stories exhibit that music has a magical power, it is something extraordinary. Research has shown that listening to music with low pitch and slow tempo can calm people down during stressful situations.

Somewhere Quiet My Thoughts And Me,
I Would Ease Upon My Soul…
With The Dawn Chorus Of The Sea.

Try someday, to listen to the burps and moans of sand, booming sand dunes, the melodious cuckoo sound, the hooting of the owl or a whale song for climate change. It is a therapy which has been used since time immemorial.

Every time even if you don’t have time on my hands, you should listen to songs of different origins while doing any work as it is scientifically proved that this can increase the efficiency of your brain and it won’t get tired that quickly.

Emotions can be easily expressed through songs, try it. This would definitely prove to be beneficial in controlling emotions and stress