Life after a medical student – Thug life of a medical student

Many students have dreams of becoming doctors from early childhood which definitely isn’t easy and to be more precise it is one of the most beautiful and extremely hard and dutiful jobs in the world. Compassionate souls make the best doctors and a doctor with a kind heart is what the world needs today amidst the crazy world where even health is a talk of business! The responsibility of a physician is quite huge and beyond explanation. The first thought to become a physician itself requires a huge respect because to dedicate a lifetime in service to another fellow human being is a very deep, humane thought. A student sacrifices a major part of his or her life to graduate as a Doctor, and measuring those sacrifices would make us realize why this profession was never easy and will never be so. In simple words, with respect to reality, life of a medical student is indeed a “thug” life! With tons of respect and gratitude to all doctors and medical students here I give you a glimpse of a medical student’s life!

Life of a Medical Student

Fresher Year – Anatomy Classes

Anatomy classes routinely called as the “Anat” classes are the most exciting classes of a fresh medical student’s life , those initial days where they come close to different dead bodies whose whereabouts we know nothing about, with gloved hands and strong heart ,unboxing our dissection kits we boldly hold the sharpest tool the “scalpel”, the first slit on the body, the first part that you ever dissect will often remain a memory for many students . Although blood has no role to play during dissection we have a very bad and horrible encounter every day with the villain of the lab the “formalin”, eyes burn, nostrils water, all you want to do is close your eyes and stop breathing because the smell is beyond tolerance but yet there is no looking back as the thug life has begun !eventually the smell of the lab becomes a part of your life, the eye, the nose they both get accustomed to the situation and there are no more complaints.
 By the end of the year after a complete exploration of the human body in detail you will know how beautifully God has created each one us.

Bones be our buddies

206 Bones and above 625 muscles that’s what the human body consists of and a first-year medical student should for sure know every detail pertaining to both bones and the muscles and when I say every detail it means, ossification, origin, insertion, never supply, blood supply and function plus the applied anatomy ! and for this you need to hold the bones in your hand, look at them keenly and feel the sharp ridges, smooth and rough surfaces and much more .
Every student will own a whole human body boneset which they pass on to their juniors as and when they upgrade to higher year.
 If you hear someone call out “ can you pass me my clavicle lying on that table” don’t be surprised you are just around a first year med school student’s study table, when you visit their homes and happen to find a polythene bag full of bones with smaller bags separately for the carpal, metacarpal and vertebrae, well that bone bag will be seen around until the first year is cleared off ! even near bedside at times .

Second-year – Postmortem

Now comes the tough part where emotional strength plays the lead. You are supposed to watch dead people, who are declared dead just few minutes or hours before the post-mortem begins and this is definitely not a small scene as you are bound to be subjected to fresh,  hot, dark blood and in case the dead body happens to be someone who has consumed alcohol now that is a ‘bad day today ‘ moment for your olfactory senses because the offensive smell spreads all over the room. Sometimes you just grow tired of watching different people on the table as death met them for different reasons, which you learn after investigating the body. Empathy can let you down in these moments but you definitely get to learn the value of life and you become emotionally stronger as the number of bodies you see goes on increasing, every other day it’s a new body, new name, new cause of death. post-mortem happens to be a part of Forensic medicine and toxicology and this is definitely an interesting subject of med student’s life!

Physiology Lab / Pricking Lab

The first day we will receive the intro and then there will be a set of needles given to each and every student, yes, those are your personal needles which you are advised to never share! then the days pass by where pricking, sucking (pippet), blowing, the highly sensitive premature baby like coverslips, the disobedient microscopes become a routine part of your life, often we have students fainting in the first days of the class but on the run, it all gets settled. Blood is just a fluid by the end of the first year more like seeing drops of water at your fingertips, you just get so used to it. Also, there will be a great advancement in your microscopy skills, the light, the mirror, the slide placement, the FOCUS, oh!  you just know everything about the microscopes and you specifically know which are the unworthy microscopes of the lot whom you always choose to stay away from and that loyal good-looking and easy-going microscope which has the highest demand for!

Pathology Labs

We aren’t done with blood yet, we still have a couple of experiments with blood. But in the second year the thug life obviously gets a level higher because we now have urine and stool examinations to deal with, although it doesn’t bother much as there would not be anything messing up just maybe the thought that there is a drop of stool of an unknown person on the slide that I am holding in my hand or uff!!  this yellow liquid in my test tube is nothing but urine! here again, as the course of time goes by the thoughts would die sooner and you will rather be concerned about finding the pathological evidence under the microscope.

Third Year – Surgery Here I come

So, this is the year where you have your time divided between the hospital and college ,you are given exposure to the happenings at the hospital ,you get to watch live surgeries ,you dress up like the surgeon at times but just to watch the interesting surgeries and learning everything by capturing the scenes through your eyes. You are now getting closer to the end of the journey hence you are stronger than you were in the yesteryears , more into the subject than you were ever before, what you learn is what you see during the last two years and definitely you can feel the urge to complete the course so you can begin to practice .

Fourth Year – Wings are ready

Final year comprises of everything till date. Every single experience so far put together as a soccer ball which you need to put in the goal post,  which happens to be your final exams! Often there are situations where you feel your wings are ready you just want to fly and yes you will surely get to take your first fly post final year during your internship. The final year will get you closer to spending more time around patients and you can get a glimpse of your future thug life which is seeming to be blur from the final year window! Yet there is one thing you need to take credit for, you have come so far tackling all the obstacles, handling the even and odds you swam so far a little further and you can earn your degree. The best moments will be when you come up with solutions for the patients who cross your path, when you successfully diagnose a case, assess and analyze the line treatment etc. With proper guidance from your teachers and self-input, you can definitely have a happy last year!

Well, these are just the promos of the real movie, the real med life is a lot more interesting, hard, happening and very responsible one. Every sacrifice you make with your time, the late night studies, the hard work of studying a huge number of books, the long hours spent in the libraries, the never-ending writing works all happen to be the cons but they are unfortunately unavoidable. Pros are the best part here because the respect you earn, the happiness you get when you see a happy smile on your patient’s face post recovery, the joy of getting paid for doing your job rightfully, for being responsible for the well-being of an entire family, for being a person to whom the patient listens to, for being that godly figure whom they trust and rely upon . All the sacrifice, all the pain is worth the efforts and anyone who aspires to be a doctor should never give up.