Lesser Known Career Options for an Arts Student – Offbeat Career Options for Arts Students


A study of Bachelor’s in Arts degree provides a meaningful, rewarding and a creative career. Most of the organisations and workplaces now demand effective communication, problem-solving abilities and great interpersonal skills. Since the field and career in Arts background have a vast and broad education base, it instils the important traits of creativity, effective communication, critical thinking and logical reasoning. Therefore an arts or humanities student is considered to be the most highly sought student because of its vast knowledge and well-defined area of study. A typical Arts student either opts for psychology, journalism or being a teacher. But the following Arts career prospects will help you explore other areas which you can take up as your career. So, here are some career options for an arts student.

Career options for an arts student

1. Criminology

Criminology - Lesser Known Career Options for a Arts Student - Offbeat Career Options for Arts Students

Criminology is the study of criminal behaviour and the reasons why criminals commit a crime. It includes various field-based study and research which involves crime and criminal behaviour, theories of crime causation, the criminal justice system and the principles and rules of criminal law. You have a variety. Criminology is a specialised course and only a few institutes provide a bachelor’s in criminology degree. Otherwise, you can take up a basic specialisation in your bachelor’s degree in psychology, sociology, political science or forensic science and then go for a masters in criminology.

2. Anthropology

Anthropology - Lesser Known Career Options for a Arts Student - Offbeat Career Options for Arts Students

Anthropology is a study of all aspects of human life, our biological evolution from what we used to be and what we are now. It studies the physical, social, cultural and behavioural development of mankind. Anthropology still remains a lesser known subject and students who have a strong sense of research and a love for humankind and its evolution should definitely go for this career. The main areas of employment for an anthropologist is education, research and working in museums. This is a career which can either be taken up from a science or an arts stream with a bachelor’s degree with anthropology specialisation.

3. Interior Design

Interior Design - Lesser Known Career Options for a Arts Student - Offbeat Career Options for Arts Students

Interior designing is quite a flexible career. It includes the designing and shaping of the interior space of a client. The interior designer has to creative, imaginative as well as innovative in his work and he should also have the ability to use the space appropriately and effectively. It is said that the ambience can make you feel good about a particular place. Therefore if you have those exceptional skills of designing and the products used, you can take up this career to either work with an architect or freelance your services on the basis of personal clients. A diploma in interior designing after your graduation is enough to kick start your career in this field.

4. Fine Arts

Fine Arts - Lesser Known Career Options for a Arts Student - Offbeat Career Options for Arts Students

Fine Arts is a perfect course for the ones who have a good hand in drawing and painting. They can enhance their skills by taking up this course and work as an artist, painter, sculpturist and designing multi-media applications. You can also work as an art teacher as nowadays the supply of art teacher is decreasing. It requires a strong visual and sensory skills as well as the ability to draw on paper what is being imagined. A Bachelor’s degree in fine arts is a 4-year programme which will enable you to lift up your career as an artist.

5. Theology

Theology - Lesser Known Career Options for a Arts Student - Offbeat Career Options for Arts Students

Arguably one of the lesser known career options for an arts student. Theology is the study of the nature of God and its religious belief. Theology examines the religious faith, its practices and its experience. It studies the different religions of the world and its impact on human behaviour. A theology degree is a good option for a person who wants to pursue his religion as a minister, a youth worker, influencer or even as a Pope. It develops confidence and various interpersonal skills along with your religious knowledge which helps you to work as a journalist, lawyer, politicians, social workers and even religious preachers. There are various Bachelors, Masters as well as Diplomas in Theology which can be taken up by a student.

6. Sociology

Sociology - Lesser Known Career Options for a Arts Student - Offbeat Career Options for Arts Students

Sociology deals with the human behaviour and various societies and situations in which a human being lives. It explores a variety of factors such as caste, religion, gender, race, class etc of an individual along with the surrounding factors of economic, political and cultural aspects. In all, sociology is a branch which studies human activity and its experience as a whole so as to benefit the areas of work where this type of information is needed including, business, criminal justice, education, medicine, social research, social work etc. A bachelor’s programme along with a specialisation in sociology is needed to work as a sociologist.

7. Linguistics

Linguistics - Lesser Known Career Options for a Arts Student - Offbeat Career Options for Arts Students

Linguistics gives you an opportunity to explore the most important aspect of human and their existence which is their speech and various aspects related to it. A qualified linguist can work as a technical writer, forensic linguist, foreign language teacher, translator, lexicographer etc. Linguists deal with the human languages, their phonetics, their meanings and pronunciation. You need to have the desired Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in Linguistics and its related branches in order to start your career as a Linguist.

So, these were some of the career options for an arts student. Knowing these exciting and fascinating career options for an arts student will surely provide you with a better choice for pursuing something which is interesting as well as engaging. Choosing careers as such will not only give you money but it also gives you satisfaction and happiness. You will enjoy performing these jobs because they are mostly practical which requires a huge amount of on-field practise and enthusiasm. Now, do not underestimate the power of an Arts student. Instead, take up these jobs and prove yourself to the world with these career and job roles.

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