Learning beyond the Classroom – Know why real learning happens beyond the classroom


Are you yet to complete your schooling? Or have you begun your college journey? Wherever you are, you might have certainly come across days where you came home and pondered on the precious time you felt you wasted sitting in your classroom and listening to boring lectures. Do you lack the learning beyond the classroom, which teaches you the practicality of life?

Did you get the same feeling when you attended a play, an art show, a science exhibition or a project expo? No right? In fact, we love discussing issues, we love to argue, we crave to ask a lot of questions and all of us are eager to think of new ways to solve a problem. But do you think any one of the above happens in the present day classrooms? Do you think there is any room to showcase your originality, creativity, and critical thinking skills? Are you engaged in learning beyond the classroom? Well, you know its the exact opposite that is happening. But we cannot afford to lose our identity. So want to know how to rekindle your thirst for real learning? Dive right in.

Share your views and ideas

Share what you know with your friends, family or anybody for that matter. Most of the times we don’t get the freedom to express ourselves in a classroom. Discussions and questions  are not entertained and when one or two go ahead and ask questions they hear this-“I have to complete portions, I will clear your doubts later.” Well, its time you realize the importance of your question. If you didn’t get your doubts clarified fret not use Quora-one of the best platforms to seek answers for any question you have. In the same way, if you feel you are quite knowledgeable about a topic share them on social media, or maybe go one step ahead and create your own blog and convey your thoughts there. Whatever the medium, make sure you voice your opinions and ideas and at the same time are open to discussions.

Pick subjects you love and explore

Not all subjects in your curriculum will interest you. Sometimes you will realize you are interested in a completely different domain after you have started a particular course. Its fine, because only when you try your hands on new things you will identify where your interests actually lie. But once you have discovered something that fascinates you, don’t stop yourself from exploring it. Most Indians do engineering and then realize what they really love. They realized that because they explored. Take a look at how these people made it big in their lives because they pursued what they loved in spite of knowing they would face a lot of obstacles and knew it was a path less traveled by. So don’t be afraid to explore new opportunities and arenas.

Work on real problems

Real world problems are very different from the word problems you come across in your textbooks. They can’t be solved if you follow your textbook approach of jotting down the given details, writing down the to-find values, and finally substituting them in a formula and arriving at an answer. So rather than solving an imaginary problem concentrate on actual problems.

Find out why your kitchen tap is leaking, why your cycle is making that screeching noise, how you can reduce the wastage of water at your home, why some of your friends are struggling to converse. Whatever might be the problem you come across, think of ways to solve it. And keep in mind, a problem can be solved in multiple ways and if you are able to come up with small improvements to the existing solutions that’s innovation, that’s real learning. Take a look at how these youngsters came up with some brilliant ideas.

Work as a team

Try to work on problems as a team. Give everybody a chance to voice their opinions. This will help you learn the ropes of leadership and team management. When you work as a team you will have a plentitude of answers to a single problem. Narrowing down on the best one and putting it into practice will help you understand why it is important to view a single problem from multiple angles. You don’t need a degree to practice this, all you need is patience and an open mind. So always be open to being a team player.

Surround yourself with people smarter than you

You don’t need to make a dedicated effort towards this. Most of the times you will come across people more knowledgeable than you but the problem is we often treat them as enemies. Rather learn to befriend them and learn from them. Billionaire Jack Ma built his entire empire with this idea. All he did was work out ways to ensure that smart people worked together as a team. So the next time you come across such people you know exactly what to do-learn.

End your day with self-reflection

Nobody else knows what you did today better than you. Only you know whether you whiled away time or used it productively. This self-reflection is very important in measuring your progress. Most people like to be chauffeur driven but the real fun is getting behind the wheels, that’s what successful people do. They take control of their lives. They measure their progress-one day at a time. Remember small progress is better than no progress.

“Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn”, these words by Benjamin Franklin showcase what real learning stands for. So why are you waiting? Involve yourself in whatever you do and enjoy learning.

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