5 simple rules to learn English effectively


Much as we deny, English has become the undisputed language of the world, connecting people across cultures, boundaries, continents, etc. The accent might be different but the essence remains the same. Before testing your knowledge in the subject you major, interviewers gauge and scrutinize your speaking and communication skills that are primarily conducted in the English Language. This alone speaks volumes about the importance of English in the 21st century. In such a scenario, everyone is anxious to gain finesse in the king language as it decides and determines to a great extent where we land up after graduation. Thus to learn English effectively, it is imperative to bear in mind the following simple rules

Rules to Learn English Effectively

1. Study phrases, not words!

This rule is based on the fact that individual words are harder to remember that when they are stuffed in whole sentences. They make no sense without the context. If you try to memorize words just as they are, you’d find them difficult to retain. However, if you put them in a sentence, they’re bound to stay in your memory longer and probably forever. For example, instead of rote learning the meaning of the word ‘amenable’ that means ‘prone to change and influence’, try to become conversant with it by constructing a sentence and using it while speaking: “I am amenable to any suggestions offered by you.”

2. Don’t study grammar!

Yes, you heard it right. Grammar might have its own importance but learning grammar rules to attain fluency in the language is a method that’s totally inept and uncalled for. In fact, this will slow down your progress. When you speak, you don’t have time to consider which tense is hundred percent correct or whether the verb is agreeing with the subject or not. Speaking is an extemporaneous business and flows out in a kind of easy fluidity. Thus, grammar is important in writing, not speaking.

3. Learn with your ears!

Cock them up to the sound of blaring western music or the rant of a passionate journalist on television. The thing is, when you try to cram everything from your textbooks, you’re still not capable of holding a coherent conversation in English. This happens because you learn a language faster by listening and not by reading. Hence, if you’ll listen with concentration, then you’ll be able to grasp useful vocabulary and grammar without even having to delve into fat dictionaries. If possible, listen to speeches and debates of personalities like Shashi Tharoor, Emma Watson, etc.

4. Study English deeply!

It’s not always about quantity. Rather it’s quality that wins the day. So instead of learning ten new words, repeat one but ten times. Take it slow but take it steadily. Learn the meaning of one new word every day and try to sneak it in sentences while writing an essay or a simple homework. This will firmly embed the term into the deepest crevices of your brain and vocabulary could be polished with easy, smart strokes. Download the Merriam Webster Dictionary app and learn one new word each day with its classic word of the day feature.

5. Listen and Answer. Do not listen and Repeat!

In order to hone your speaking skills, it’s imperative for you to answer the questions asked by the speaker instead of mindlessly retelling and retracing his words. If you practice by listening with a podcast or a video, pause it every 20-30 seconds and summarise what has been said in your own words. For instance, practice with the video given below:

With these tips and tricks, one can learn English Effectively and it wouldn’t seem like chasing rainbows. Just a little initiative, enthusiasm and determination on your part combined with the right steps will turn you into an English speaking dummy in no time at all.