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Symbiosis National Aptitude Test (SNAP) is a nation-wide exam that is conducted by Symbiosis International University for admission into its MBA program. SNAP is an online exam that’s conducted on a single day across 100+ cities in India. This year, it is scheduled for 3rd week of December. With the exam date approaching, students must now focus less on preparation and more on the revision of everything that they have learned till now. The important thing to remember is SNAP also has general knowledge questions as part of its syllabus. Therefore, in addition to the usual preparation, you’ll have to prepare general knowledge questions as well. Hence it is important for the applicant to use some shortcuts, few tricks to learn for the exam. To fulfil this initiative we have come up few last minute SNAP Exam Tips, that help the candidate in revision. Before that, we have shown the section-wise breakup of the questions and it is as follows

Sr. No. Sections No. of Questions Total Marks
1 General English 40 40
2 Quantitative, Data Interpretation & Data Sufficiency 40 40
3 Current Affairs 30 30
4 Analytical & Logical Reasoning 40 40
 Total 150 150

Last Minute SNAP Exam Tips

To crack SNAP, at this stage of time when the exam is so close, we assume you have been done with preparation and now focusing on exam hacks and last minute preparations. It is evident you want to know the shortcuts and tips of keeping up with the pace so that you don’t miss the question, for which you know the answer. In this article, we have created few tips that I use to follow when in my preparation days of management exam.

General Rules

  • Take lots of rest. Unlike CAT which is online, SNAP is still paper and pencil test. Therefore, one needs stamina and ability to work with their hands for so long
  • Don’t take more than 2 full-length mock tests before the exam. The rationale behind this is that by that point, students would have been versed in the nature of each section. Any accidental slips or low scores in the mock tests can demotivate the candidates attempting for the exams.
  • Take lots of sectional tests. Especially for Quant and LR, one needs speed just as much as accuracy. Therefore, time yourself, and attempt sectional test
  • Don’t start with topics you haven’t touched yet. Work on your strengths
  • While starting preparation, it made sense to finish off your strengths and start on your weaknesses. However, at this point of time, work on your strengths to keep you motivated
  • While most articles advise students to stay away from social media and friends during this time, we advise you to stay in touch albeit, in moderation. The rationale behind that is brain’s retention capacities are only strengthened by quality breaks. So take breaks, hang out with friends; except, do it in moderation. The other rationale is that up until the moment of an exam, you never know what sort of dynamic general knowledge fact will help you. Social media helps you in that.
  • Go back to the basics. Forget long applications and tiresome theorems.

Subject-wise tips

One must remember that one has 120 minutes to finish 150 questions. That puts the time available for each question at 48 seconds. Thankfully, there is no sectional time. Therefore, the time you save in one section can be utilised in another section. The difficulty levels have been relatively moderate in the last few years. Therefore, one can expect to score reasonably well if well-prepared

  • Quant:
    • The usual topics that are given weightage are Time and Work, Time and Distance, Probability, Percentages and Profit and Loss. While and DI-DS are asked occasionally, they aren’t frequent. Even if they were asked, they were found to be pretty straightforward.
    • The only problematic section is Mensuration. The questions were based more on formulae. Therefore, one needs to be well versed with all the formulae.
    • For Time-Work and Time-Distance, it is very important to know the tricks and tips because if you can manage your time here, the rest of the exam would be a breeze as far as time management concerned.
  • Reading comprehension:
    • English is not as long as in CAT or XAT. The questions were more along the lines interpretations. Therefore, focus on your reading speed and comprehension.
    • SNAP focuses on idioms rather than words. Ensure you keep flashcards to read about idioms
  • General Knowledge
    • This requires knowledge of static and dynamic data. For dynamic data, be in touch with newspapers and apps such as in shorts etc which give you news on-the-go.
    • Get a brief background about the major stories to understand the topic. Know the static data to such the leader of Rajya Sabha etc


SNAP is a relatively moderate exam. The chief points of focus are GK and time management. Once done, it is a breeze to get through because Symbiosis looks at overall cut off and not individual cutoff