Internships – Do’s and Don’ts During an Internship


The position of a student or anyone pursuing a course in an organization or a company, sometimes without pay to gain knowledge and experience about that field or complete the requirements for a degree/qualification is known as an Internship. If you are interning for the first time then here are some do’s and don’ts during an Internship which you should keep in mind.


An internship is a very important part of an undergraduate’s or any student’s qualification course. The experience you get there cannot be gained from anywhere else.  Well, to be honest with you, it is like a test drive for your upcoming career. It will help you get ready for all the tough roads ahead in your career and guide you to choose the perfect field for you in your branch.

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Do’s and Don’ts during an Internship

The Must Do’s

1. The first and foremost thing to keep in mind is to be punctual and in the discipline, it gets you a good first impression in front of the HR or the directing manager.

2. You should always listen carefully to all the instructions given by your mentor.

3. The skills that you have mentioned in your resume must be up to the mark.

4. Note down the outlines of the work assigned to you every day so that there will be no confusion during any submission.

5. Always keep a check on your behavior limits, it should neither be too formal or informal.

6. Maintain a positive attitude as far as possible.

7. Keep your mobile phone in silent mode.

8.  Try to complete all your work on time daily and maintain a polite behavior.

9. Before going to the office, complete your research work about the topic so that during the discussions you will be confident enough to present your views on the project.

10. Try to maintain e report of all the work done regularly so that you won’t have a problem at the end while submission of the project.

The Not To Do’s

1. Don’t act like an introvert, interacting with the staff has its own benefits. You can ask them if you have any problems with the project, also they can give you guidelines for your higher studies or placements.

2. Never show off your knowledge, sometimes it can act as your weakness. Try to gain the most from your mentor.

3. Don’t get involved in any in-disciplinary activity.

4. Don’t use your mobile phone too often during working hours.

5. Informal chit chats should not be promoted in the office environment.

6. Don’t take calls during office hours.

7. Spend at least 7 hours in the office.

8. Never interrupt the employees during their conversations or interfere during the official meetings.

9. Do not brag much about yourself, you know the pen is mightier than the sword.

10. Don’t wear informal clothes in the office, formal clothes create a sincere and disciplined image.

Internships dos and donts during an internship

Some Important Points

Practice as much as you can, on the field of your internship even after it is over. Create a LinkedIn profile and connect with all the employees and staff to get regular updates on the job opportunities for you in the future. This will maintain your fluency in the software or the respective department. Also, keep applying for work from home internships, they are the best to increase your flawlessness and improve your profile.