Information you need to pursue a career as an interior designer


Art and design is that part of our world which is quite colourful and lively. Whenever we see a piece of art, we feel good and fresh seeing the colours and the designs in the picture. Similarly, people have started incorporating these artistic abilities in their houses, workplaces, schools, colleges and other places where individuals spend their time. The ambience of an area should deliver positive and good vibes which are needed for mental peace and well-being. As a result, there is an emphasis on hiring Interior Designers to design and renovate their old places to an absolutely unique and likeable place. So, here is the information you need to know to pursue a career as an interior designer.

Career as an Interior Designer

Who is an Interior Designer?

Who is an interior designer - career as an interior designer

  • Interior Designing is for the people who have artistic abilities and a creative mind.
  • They are the one who designs homes and properties according to the wants and needs of their clients.
  • Interior Designers do a great amount of travelling including meeting the clients, contractors, suppliers etc as a part of their job.
  • Interior Designers need to divide their time between their on-site location and offices in order to carry out their work efficiently.
  • An interior designer first has to fix a meeting with the client to discuss their requirement according to which the place will be designed.
  • Next, he has to represent his ideas with sketches and an outline of the entire place along with the patterns and designs. He also gives his quotation according to the designs and budget.
  • If the client agrees to the proposal, the contractors and the suppliers are contacted and the work begins.
  • In the end, the final results are shown to the client and if any errors are found, they are rectified by the interior designer. The interior designer explains all the maintenance and the safety measures to the client which have to be taken in the future.

Qualities to be possessed to pursue a career as an interior designer

Qualities to be possessed to pursue a career as an interior designer - career as an interior designer

  • Interior designers should be highly creative and innovative since they need to design each and every property differently.
  • They should have effective communication skills in order to easily comprehend his client’s needs and deliver his thoughts and opinions fluently.
  • An interior designer should have excellent management skills. He should be able to handle and manage the activities of all the people who are dealing with him.
  • He should also have the knowledge of all types of materials required for designing the property.
  • He should be a person who is wise at spending money because interior designing would demand to spend the money according to the client’s budget.
  • Interior designers should be good at eyeing the minute details and they should have the ability to gracefully carry out their work without causing any harm or trouble to anyone.

Technical qualification required

  • Students who wish to take up interior designing as a career need to pass an entrance exam before taking admission into the course of interior designing.
  • Candidates who have completed their higher secondary education can apply for the entrance exam conducted by various institutes.
  • Candidates who have passed a tenth standard examination from a National Open School are also eligible to apply for the entrance exam.
  • After that, you can either pursue a bachelors course, a diploma course or a certificate course in order to start your career as an interior designer.
  • Interior Designing is a profession which can be pursued through any of the fields namely Science, Commerce or Arts.
  • You may even consider pursuing a masters course later on in order to increase your skills and salary prospects.

Best Colleges for pursuing Interior Designing Course

  • National Institute of Design – Ahmedabad
  • CEPT University – Gujarat
  • Arch Academy of Design – Jaipur
  • JJ School of Arts – Mumbai
  • College of Architecture – Nashik
  • Pearl Academy – Delhi, Noida, Mumbai, Jaipur
  • Sai School of Interior Designing – Delhi

Expected Salary

  • For a beginner, an interior designer who has just started his career can earn around Rs.20000-25000 per month including all the bonuses and commissions.
  • However, as and when the person has much experience and calibre, his salary goes up to Rs.50000 per month on a sole basis.
  • Later if you work for a company after gaining experience your monthly income can be around Rs.60000-70000 depending upon your work, interest and creativity.

Life as an Interior Designer

  • An interior designer needs to have patience as the profession takes a lot of time to gain the required reputation and experience.
  • You can start up your own firm and take up projects or you can even work for architectural firms. Either way, the career prospects are huge and very appealing for an interior designer.
  • Since the architectural and infrastructural industry is at its peak nowadays, due to the increase in population which indirectly demands residential houses and workplaces, it piles up the work of an interior designer. Therefore, Interior designing is a profession which is really in demand right now.
  • The job of an interior designer is quite interesting and changing because he needs to change his work methods according to his clients. This makes the job less monotonous.
  • This is a very attractive field because there is no structured path which an interior designer needs to follow as he can let his creativity run wild to the greatest extent.

So, this was all the information you need to pursue a career as an interior designer and set free the creative monkeys in your mind.