Importance Of Internships And Trainings In College | Why Internships are important during College


Training is a very essential and career-building part of a student’s college life. It provides the students with an Industrial Exposure or work experience, that would enhance their skills. At the same time, they have to deal with all kinds of confusions or hesitations that might arise in the student’s mind, but, he/she might not be able to ask to anyone. Training provides the student to work on dummy (virtual) projects so that they could be able to judge their skills, before implementing them in Industries. Internships allow the students to work on live projects, giving them the opportunities to showcase their talents on an Industrial platform.

Internship Platforms

A perfect example of a company to provide the training and internships opportunities to the college students as well as the other youths is “INTERNSHALA”.They provide a complete set procedure for a variety of internships in different domains, both ‘work from home’ and ‘location-based’. It gives an ease and flexibility to the students for searching for training and internships. Customer support from the INTERNSHALA  employees is very friendly and trust-worthy. The most secure an important part of their policies and procedures is that there is minimal chance of any fake company profiles or offers.


There are also other platforms for Internships and Training:


All these sources will provide the complete platform for improving and developing as an individual and giving them, with best of the chances to sharpen and master their skills.

Impact of Training and Internships

The training and Internships will be beneficial for the students, not only through their college life but also, in giving them with the appropriate and required an amount of skillset to handle any problem or circumstances. Both these things can ultimately reflect the quality and skills that the person possesses in them through their CVs, which would also help them in finding good jobs in their careers.

Various internships require certain rules and regulations to be followed by the Intern as per the guidelines stated by the concerned company. If any of the rules are violated, it may lead to the termination of the internship and at the same time, can also result in blacklisting if the candidate. So, this might affect their career and reputation as a whole, if not followed properly.

How to easily get an Internship?

The easiest way to get an Internship opportunity is in Startups. They generally require an employee with less experience, because they train them at an Industrial level, to cope with the market, and getting used to their, simultaneously. So, even a fresher with less or no experience can apply for internships to Startups.

Where are the Students going wrong?

Most of the students generally believe that the many or good internships opportunities are being grabbed by the students of reputed colleges like IITs, NITs, But, that is not the case. It is just their misconception that affects their confidence and willpower. If they try to put their best efforts, they can even get more good and useful opportunities for them.

My Experience as an Intern

I have a wonderful experience of Interning with My profile for the internship was as ‘Marketing Intern’. I learned a lot during my duration of internship from developing my skills to enhancing my Confidence and willpower. All these things brought together in me, a self-confidence to deal with all kind of situations.