Importance of Community Service for students | Try community Service once in a lifetime


Community service or social service is a voluntary work intended to help the weaker sections in the society. Ever since I was a kid, I wanted to do something for the nation. So, when I got the opportunity of joining an NGO in my college that taught underprivileged kids, I decided to give it a try. Two years down the line, it has totally transformed me as an individual. Right from communication skills to life skills, community service is truly rewarding. Here, I highlight a few points on why every student must try community service at least once in their lifetime and the importance of community service.

Importance of Community Service

1. Social Responsibility

Social Responsibility - Importance of Community Service for students-Try community Service once in a lifetime

On my first village visit to teach these underprivileged kids, I was enthralled by the position of responsibility this job contained. This sense of social responsibility develops self-confidence, self- worth and an awakening of belongingness. So, when you take up a community service, you better yourself as well as the community.

2. Communication skills

Communication SKillls - Importance of Community Service for students-Try community Service once in a lifetime

One of my first struggles in my journey was building a rapport with the kids. Like how are they ever going to study something from a total stranger after all? Thus, we often used to have a little ice-breaking session every time for all the new volunteers as well as new kids where we gave our introduction, talk about our hobbies and even encourage the kids to share a joke, tell a story or sing a song to lighten up the mood. Hence, irrespective of the area you choose to work under, you’ll always get to meet new people, learn to express and communicate with them and work together. Eventually, you’ll see your communication skills sharpen through experience in these voluntary services.

3. Getting a new perspective

Often, I crib about the burden and pressure of academics but I remember, once, on my visit I had a little girl who asked me what she could do to improve her language so I suggested her to read newspapers. I soon realised, there were no newspapers or books in that village as neither of the parents knew how to read. Even today, that incident reminds me every time how grateful I am! It made me realise how granted we take these important things whereas some children cannot even get the basic education everyone is entitled to. That was just an example of how community service helps you get a new perspective towards life. The kind of understanding and compassion it provides is indeed exceptional.

4. Knowing Yourself

When it comes to community service, you’ll find yourself facing new challenges and decisions. It involves leadership, teamwork, decision-making, real-world problem solving, critical thinking abilities and much more. Thus, through the journey, you’ll learn a lot about yourself- your strengths and your weakness.. and get a chance to work upon them as well!

You may question yourself- I am ready to put all these efforts but is it going to make a difference anyway? So, it took almost two years to weigh the difference and conclude- yes, it does. But why don’t you try and find it out for yourself?

One person can make a difference and everyone should try.
–        John F Kennedy

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