IIFT 2018 | IIFT LR | Logical Reasoning


Indian Institute of Foreign Trade (IIFT) exam is a prominent management exam that is typically conducted in the first week of December. Reasoning is an important part of the exam. IIFT LR is usually paired along with the DI section. However, given how the pattern is for DI, it is better to ace IIFT LR. The reasoning behind that is that DI has a lot of computations and tables, graphs and charts etc. that require a considerable amount of calculations and hardwork. Therefore, it is ideal if a student focuses on the Logical reasoning part of the exam. I wish I could have said that there was a simple one way out for LR, but in IIFT LR is slightly different. It is more practise intensive. Unlike exams such as CAT, XAT, SNAP etc., IIFT LR doesn’t simply have an easy way out. The reason for that is the topics that are included as part of the exercise. Some of the topics that are included as part of the logical reasoning section are:

Sr. No. Description No. of Question Mark Allotted
1 Alphabetic Series 1 1X0.75
2 Syllogism 1 1X0.75
3 Diagram based Analogy 4 4X0.75
4 Membership 1 1X0.75
5 Wrong Number Series 1 1X0.75
6 Analytical Reasoning 13 13X0.75
7 Missing Number 1 1X0.75
Total 22 22
*Source: Bulleye.com

This was the pattern of the 2016 exam. Typically, LR section has anywhere between 20-23 questions. The major areas that things can be asked from are Analytical reasoning, coding, Syllogism, input-output, verbal reasoning where statements, assumptions, inferences etc. are asked. Some of the tips to crack the exam are:

Tips for Cracking IIFT LR:

  • Focus a lot on the concepts. Unlike other exams, most of these exams are ones that require a base understanding of the topic. Therefore, have an understanding of all the topics. One salvation is that you can always use common sense once you have a basic understanding of the subject. Therefore, ensure that you know at least almost all the topics.
  • For Analytical Reasoning, there are sets of decision making, if carefully attempted, can ensure that you score 100% in this section. therefore, you gotta be careful while answering this question
  • Topics like Syllogism etc. are extremely easy. They are on a much lower level than CAT is. Therefore, while attempting these questions, be highly picky because you can’t afford to lose marks in this section.
  • At this point, however, you must have finished your preparation and gotten around to starting your revision. Therefore, start with a lot of mocks. Unlike for sections like Quant and English, take a lot of full length mock tests, preferably at least one a day. The rationale is that since IIFT LR and DI are paired together and you need a high degree of time management for this section. Therefore, work on your time management abilities
  • For the time management skills, you also need to practise a lot, learn to prioritise because when you go about answering every question, you won’t go anywhere. You have to initially finish questions that you’re good at, and are sure of scoring well in.
  • You need speed. Thankfully, you can cross verify whether your answer is right or not. Therefore, even if you focus unevenly on speed, you won’t have a lot of problems with it because you can always retrace your steps. But you need to have enough accuracy to know that you need to retrace your steps and for that, all you need is a lot of practise.


IIFT LR is a simple affair that can help you significantly influence your exam score. If you practise it enough, you can save time for sections like DI, Quant etc. Practise is required and once that is done, you can score well in the exam.