IIFT Last Minute Tips for Exam | IIFT 2018


Indian Institute of Foreign Trade (IIFT) exam is becoming closer. At this point, ideally, students should have started revising whatever they prepared for. To recapitulate, IIFT has four sections- General Awareness and Knowledge, Language Comprehension, Quantitative Analysis and Logical Ability. IIFT is a pen and paper test without sectional time or the constraint to stick to one section until completion. There is also a negative marking for 1/3 of the allotted marks. While there are no fixed number of questions, the time duration is 2 hours only. Therefore, to complete this exam, we have curated some of the most relevant generic and subject related  IIFT Last Minute tips. Let us take a look at the IIFT Last Minute Tips.

General IIFT Last Minute Tips

  • Time management is the key. No matter the number of questions, you have those two hours only. Since there is  no requirement to start one section and finish that before moving on to other sections, students are advised to pick the easiest questions from all the sections – the ones that they are sure of answering correctly.
  • Don’t get stuck on questions. If a question seems easy but requires long computation, or if you’re unable to proceed further in calculations, leave it for the time being. In the stress of trying to answer that, you might screw it up. Unanswered questions at least don’t have any negative marking
  • Don’t forget to carry your admit card. Check if all the details are correct. Along with that you need an original ID card such as passport, driving license, voter’s card, Aadhar card etc.
  • Stay calm and composed. An exam can be made or unmade depending on your composure. Take a look at the question paper in the first five minutes of the exam and mark the questions you think you can solve. Don’t try to solve them mentally. Just mark the questions you think you can solve. This will boost your confidence looking at the number of questions you can solve
  • Carry your own stationery. Carry spares and extras. It’s always better to err on the side of caution. Check if your pens are writing, if your sharpener works well, and if the pencil lead is fine. Carry additionals just in case. You are not allowed to carry in anything other your pen, pencil, sharpener and eraser. Your watch doesn’t count. You need that to manage your time.

Subject-wise IIFT Last Minute Tips

  • General awareness is an unpredictable section. You really can’t predict the kind of questions that would come.  Keep an eye for international affairs and foreign trade. Note the important appointments, mergers and acquisitions and other important trade deals. Take note of the dynamic GK until the date of exam. You  never know when the background of which GK affair will help you
  • Quant is not as tough as CAT is. The focus is different too, with the emphasis more on business mathematics. Revise your basics, and practise your formulae. Take only about 2-3 full length mocks a week but take scores of sectional tests. Speed and accuracy are the key. If you are given 120 questions in 120 minutes, that’s perfect. But if you are given about 150-180 questions in the same two hours, you have about 30-45 seconds per question. That’s just about enough time required to read and comprehend the question. This is why you save in other sections such as LR and English
  • The average reading speed in English should be about 200-300 words per minute. If you haven’t worked on it till now, read about two articles a day or four books in ten days. While it might not have a significant impact on your reading ability, it’ll acclimatize you to what’s coming in the exam. Read editorials in Economic Times and such newspapers. Don’t pause to look up words. Only do that after you’ve finished reading whatever you were reading. This will help you develop the skill to guess the words contextually.
  • DI is going to consume a lot of time. There’s no other way about it. Practise a lot. Take a lot of sectional tests
  • LR is relatively easy. Focus on topics like Blood Relations, Cubes, Sequences etc to finish them off first. This will give you a moral confidence boost.