IIFT Interview | Preparatory Tips


Getting the call letter for the IIFT interview is a huge accomplishment. Those who have cleared the first round, now have a more tedious task lying ahead for them. They have fill in the interview form. This form is purposefully given so that interviewers can get an idea of who you are as a person. So keep in mind that you can be quizzed based on this. Here are some things that you can keep in mind while filling in the form

Things for filling in the form and IIFT interview:

  • For filling in the IIFT interview form, you need some serious introspection. You need to evaluate who you are as a person. Take your time on this. Don’t write run-of-the-mill stuff. they probably would’ve seen it all
  • Your hobbies don’t need to sound intelligent. They just to be something you do consistently and have a certain amount of knowledge over.
  • Your career objectives must line with why you’re doing Management program.
  • Be sure on you why decided to do the Management program and why that college.
  • When talking about your weaknesses, don’t humblbrag. Talk about a genuine insignificant weakness and tell how you are working on overcoming it. They need spirit more than talkers
  • People who inspired you might be a common question as well. Work on that. Identify a person and tell them how they influenced you. Remember that that has to align with why you wanted to do MBA
  • Questions on value systems and ethics might be common, such as whether you think ethics are a limiting factor to business etc.
  • IIFT interview is designed to also check your adaptability to the program and college. Therefore, when you’re talking about what you did in the last 6-7 years, talk about it in such a way that it shows that it has prepared you for the MBA program.
  • When in doubt about your career goals, you can always use the Jim Collins 5-level hierarchy system.
  • Only mention your specialities if you have something to back it up with. Otherwise, just talk about how management program is what you wanted to do. Don’t use fancy jargon. If you do, prepare to back it up with sufficient knowledge base.
  • Follow up on facebook groups which can help you crack the interview. Needless to say, personal grooming is important
  • Keep yourself updated on the general awareness part.

Pranay Mehta, who got till the final round suggests that the interview is not the hardest part of the admission. In fact, it is a pretty calm affair. They are straight forward and expect you to be to the point. Questions are quick, and show exactly what they want to ask you. So there’s no problem in that front. He also says that keeping a copy of the form that’s filled in is important and should be taken along with you.


IIFT interview is a very formal thing. To be selected for that is a huge thing because it comes after GD, telephonic interview, filling the form, written test etc. So if you’ve reached till there, there’s not much that you haven’t prepared