IIFT 2019 Exam – IIFT Admission Process 2019


IIFT Admission procedure consists of 2 phases. In the first phase, applicants need to clear the written test (MCQ’s based question paper) and the second phase consists of Writing Ability Test (WAT), Group Discussion (GD) and Personal Interview (PI). Candidates need to prepare for both phases to get admission into IIFT colleges. Read the below article to know the IIFT Admission Procedure in detail for both halves.

IIFT Admission Criteria 2019

The IIFT admission Criteria refers to the eligibility for a candidate to get admission in 3 of the campuses of the institute. The first and foremost criteria that the candidate must satisfy is that the candidate has to clear the IIFT entrance exam as per the cutoff released. After the cutoff releases, the selected candidates are called for the GD, PI and WAT round. Only the candidates who clear both the rounds are offered admission in either of the three campuses of IIFT.

Rounds in the 2nd half IIFT Admission Process

Writing Ability Test In this round, the applicant asks to write a short essay on the topic given by the examiner of IIFT. Or at times they are supposed to make the question out if it.
Group Discussion The Group discussion a random topic is picked and a group of applicants are asked to discuss it. Usually, they divide the group into cons and pros.
Personal Interview In Personal interview there is a panel of 3-5 judges to evaluate your overall credibility to be part of the IIFT institute.

All these rounds often are done in a day or so. On the basis of their score, the qualified applicants are called in batches for the IIFT Admission procedure.

1. Writing Ability Test

The applicants are asked to write a short essay or story on the provided topic. Usually, these topics are picture narration. In which the official from IIFT would show you a picture, and the basis that you need to write an article about it.

2. Group Discussion

These are the kind of part of which everyone is well aware. A random topic is chosen by the officials and asked the applicants to discuss it. Usually, the group automatically divide into 2 parts talking about the Pros and the Cons. The points that are considered in the marking in a G.D are:

  • How much logical interpretation an applicant makes.
  • How precisely he is observing the opposing applicant.
  • Whether he/she hearing to reply or to understand.
  • How much he willing to let his/her partner speak
  • Weather, the applicant trying synergy or they keep arguing.

While taking participation in G.D, there would be a time when the opposing side has not much to say/defend. At that time those applicants who choose to speak in its favour may get an extra edge. In General, the topic of the discussion in the G.D is current affairs. This is why it is advised to keep yourself updated with current affairs and news.

3. Interview

For this round, there is a panel of 3 to 5 judges. Who assess your profile and the documents you have submitted. This round is the most critical part as there is no scope of mistake, everything you say or do is observed. The best way to tackle these interview is to prepare for C.V and go through it. Because they refer that C.V only to ask your queries and questions. And once you are good with them, it will be easy for you to crack the interview.

It is safe to say that clearing the IIFT exam is just half the journey. When you think of ‘How to get admission in IIFT’ then you must know the answer that not only the entrance exam counts but the GD, PI and WAT count as well. In IIFT Admission process not only your knowledge and academic excellence counts but your personality counts as well.