IBPS RRB Quant Syllabus | IBPS RRB 2021


The IBPS RRB exam is conducted every year to recruit office assistants and officers for various scales. The exam is divided into two stages – prelims and mains. There are some subjects which are included in both the stages. At the same time, there are a few subjects that are only included in the Mains stage and that too for some specific posts. One such paper is quantitative aptitude and data interpretation. Only those candidates who are applying for IBPS RRB officers exam for Scale II and Scale III posts need to appear for this paper. In IBPS RRB mains exam, the quantitative aptitude and data interpretation, or quant for short, is worth 50 marks and there would be 40 questions from it. Let us now look at the IBPS RRB Quant Syllabus and analyze the syllabus for better understanding.

Detailed IBPS RRB Quant Syllabus

Topics in IBPS RRB Quant Syllabus

There is no ‘official’ syllabus mentioned in the official notification for IBPS RRB exam. The IBPS doesn’t give information on the syllabus. However, if we look at the exam papers from previous years, you would see that the questions in the exam are generally asked from the following topics.

  1. Data Interpretation – You would be given graphs, bars, charts and tables and you would be asked to solve questions based on them.
  2. Algebra – You would be asked questions on basic algebraic functions and standard formulas.
  3. Number Series – You would be given a series of numbers and you would be asked to predict the next number in the series.
  4. Mixture Problems – You would be given a mixture and the ratio of the elements constituting the mixture. You would be asked different questions on that.
  5. Simplification РBasic simplification questions
  6. Data Sufficiency –¬†You would be given a conclusion and a list of statements, you would need to answer whether the statements are enough to reach the conclusion.
  7. Profit and Loss – Questions on profit, loss, discounts etc.
  8. Number System –¬†Questions on basic properties of numbers.
  9. Ratio and Proportion – Questions on ratios, proportions and mixtures.
  10. Permutation and Combination
  11. Mensuration – Square, rectangle, triangle, sphere
  12. Speed Time and Distance
  13. Time and Work
  14. Interest
  15. Average
  16. Percentage
  17. Probability

Analysis of Topics in IBPS RRB Quant Syllabus

We have broken down the topics in the IBPS RRB quant syllabus. We have tabulated them below along with the average number of questions that come each year and the level of difficulty. This would help you prepare a proper strategy for preparation.

Topic Number of Questions Difficulty
Data Interpretation 5-10 Easy to Moderate
Algebra 5-7 Moderate to difficult
Number Series 5 Moderate
Mixture Problems 5 Easy
Simplification 5 Easy
Data Sufficiency 3-5 Moderate
Profit and Loss 2-4 Easy to moderate
Number System 2-3 Easy
Ratio and Proportion 1-2 Easy
Permutation and Combination 1-2 Moderate
Mensuration 1-2 Easy
Speed Time and Distance 1-2 Easy
Time and Work 1-2 Easy to Moderate
Interest 1-2 Moderate to difficult
Average 1-2 Easy
Percentage 0-1 Easy
Probability 0-1 Moderate to difficult

Suggested Strategy for IBPS RRB Quant Syllabus

Quantitative aptitude and data interpretation is one of the tougher sections of the entire IBPS RRB syllabus. However, it is quite possible to get good marks from this section. You just need to put in a good deal of practice on each of the topics.

An efficient strategy would be to divide the syllabus into ‘easy’, ‘moderate’ and ‘difficult’ parts. Complete the difficult ones first, so that you get time to revise and practice them later. The easy parts could be completed later. Keep a day or two reserved in every week for practice as you need to do a lot of it!

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