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The English language test in the IBPS RRB Mains exam is designed to test the basic English understanding of the candidate. One of the ways in which they do that is by phrase replacement. Phrase replacement questions are of different types. And this the very fact that often scares the candidates. However, there is really nothing to be scared of. IBPS RRB Phrase replacement questions are easy to solve. With the right kind of technique and a little bit of practice, you can easily master the subject.

Understanding IBPS RRB Phrase Replacement Questions

What is asked?

As said before, the intent of the phrase replacement questions in IBPS RRB phrase replacement questions is to test your basic understanding of English. The questions are quite simple. You would be asked to replace a wrong phrase in a sentence with the right phrase.

What is the structure of the questions?

In a typical phrase replacement question in IBPS RRB exam, you would be given a sentence where one of the phrases would be emboldened. In most cases, the phrase would be wrong. You need to replace that with the right phrase from the list of given options.

Example – Less than a million rupees are required immediately. Go to the bank and withdraw the cash.


A. rupees were
B. rupees was
C. rupees to be
D. rupees is
E. No correction required.

How many questions come every year?

The number of questions varies every year. According to current trends, around 3-4 questions come in phrase replacement. However, the number might go up or down in IBPS RRB 2021. However, you can at least expect a couple of questions on this topic in IBPS RRB 2021.

How Difficult are the Questions?

The questions are quite easy to solve. All you really need is some strong foundation in English grammar and you would be able to solve them just fine. However, in some years, the level of questions have been on the moderately difficult side.

Solving IBPS RRB Phrase Replacement Questions

Let us look at some of the common types of questions in IBPS RRB exam and see how you can solve them.

Question: Soup and Salad are a wholesome food.
A. are
B. are not
C. may be a
D. is a
E. No correction required

Rule to Follow: When two things that have common characters or express a common idea, are put together, then you should use a singular verb. In this case, ‘is a’ is the right phrase.

Answer: D

Question: He as well as his brothers is sitting in the park


A. are sitting
B. sit
C. sitting
D. No correction required

Solution: Since we are talking about multiple persons, we are going to use a plural verb. Hence ‘are sitting’ is the right answer.

Answer: A

QuestionA mango is considered the king among fruits.


A. An apple
B. An mango
C. A apple
D. The mango
E. No correction required

Solution: Here, the word ‘mango’ is not representing an individual piece of fruit but an entire species of fruit. So, we would use the word ‘the’.

Practice Questions

Question 1: I want one of the book kept on the table.


A. this very book
B. any book
C. one of the books
D. no book
E. No correction required

Answer: C

Question 2: Pankaj has been ill for last Monday.

A. is ill for last
B. was ill for last
C. has been ill since last
D. had been ill for last
E. No correction required

Answer: C

Question 3: I have been working for this institute since four months.

A. for four months
B. for 4 months
C. less than 4 months
D. not for four months
E. No correction required

Answer: A

So, these were some of the ways in which you can solve IBPS RRB phrase replacement questions. For more such useful articles, feel free to browse our website.

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