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Questions on percentages are quite common in the IBPS RRB examination. The basic concepts that are to be used to solve such programs are quite simple. They are the same as the ones taught in school. So, even if you have average mathematical skills, you would be able to solve them. However, solving them is not enough, you have to solve them quickly. Percentage questions are asked in the Numerical Ability paper in IBPS Mains. There would be around 50 questions which you have to solve in around 2 hours. This means that you can’t waste time on just a particular type of questions. Let’s see how you can solve IBPS RRB percentage questions in a fast and accurate way.

Understanding IBPS RRB Percentage Questions

Before you start preparing for percentage questions for IBPS RRB questions, you would want to understand what types of percentage questions you can expect from the exam. It would also help if you know how many questions you can expect and how hard they can be. In this section, we would be taking a look at these questions.

We have analyzed the past year questions and found out the following data that would help you in your IBPS RRB preparation.

The number of questions – Let us first look at the number of questions. In the past few years, about 2-4 questions are asked on percentages. However, the number can go up and down in the coming years. In IBPS RRB 2021, you can expect around 3 questions. At least, that’s what the trend predicts.

The level of difficulty – The level of difficulty also varies from year to year. In most years, the difficulty of the questions has been easy to moderate. All you need is the right technique and a little bit of practice and you would solve the questions in a better way.

The type of questions – There are many different types of questions that can be asked on percentages. It is really hard to categorize them into two or three distinct types. We would be looking at some of the most common types of questions and how to solve them.

Tricks for Solving for IBPS RRB Percentage Questions

Let us now look at some of the common types of questions and the principles you can use to solve them.

Question: Rahul’s expenditure and savings are in the ratio 5:3. If his income increases by 12% and his expenditure by 15%, then what would be the percentage of increase in his savings?

Solution: In such cases, you have to use to either of the following formulas:

In case of an increase in the sum of the number,  the percentage change would be (ax+by/x+y)*100

The difference between the numbers would be, (ax-by/x-y)*100

where x:y is the original ratio of the numbers and a% is the increase in the first number and b% is the increase in the second number.

So, using the second formula in this problem, Increase in savings=(8×12-5×15)/8-5

Here, we have taken the income to be 8. We got this by adding the expenditure and savings i.e 5 and 3.

So, the answer is 21/3=7

Answer: 7%

Let us look at another type of example.

Question: Manohar’s salary is reduced by 10%. By what percentage should his salary be increased to bring it back to the original mark?

Solution: Some of you might think the answer is 10%. But its not exactly that easy! You need to use the following formula to solve the equation.


where a is the old salary and b is the new salary

Let us assume that the original salary is 100. So, the new salary is 90.

So we have increase=(100-90/90)*100

=> (10/90)*100

=> 1/9*100= 100/9

=> 11.11%

So, these were some of the tricks that you can use to solve IBPS RRB percentage questions. For more such useful articles, keep browsing our website.

Best of luck!

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