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Fill in the blanks questions in IBPS RRB 2021 are just perfect for a candidate. They take less time to solve, and they are actually quite scoring. However, it is often seen that a lot of candidates make a lot of mistakes with such questions and they end up giving the wrong answer. The main reason behind this is that they don’t use the right approach while solving fill in the blanks questions in IBPS RRB. Fill in the blanks questions in IBPS RRB Mains examination and it is common for both IBPS RRB PO and IBPS RRB office assistant exam. Therefore, if you really want to get selected, you cannot afford to miss a single mark. So, how can you ensure that you don’t lose a single mark on IBPS RRB fill in the blanks questions? Here, we are going to take a closer look at the topic and see how to solve them with the right approach.

Analyzing IBPS RRB Fill in the Blanks Questions

Fill in the blanks questions mainly come in the English Language paper in IBPS RRB Mains. If you are applying for IBPS RRB PO or IBPS RRB office assistant, and you have chosen English as your optional language, then you have to answers questions on this topic. As you know, the English language paper is worth 40 marks. Fill in the blanks questions form a good part of the total number of questions. This shows how important this apparently ‘easy’ topic is. Let us take a quick look at some of the useful facts about this topic.

The average number of questions: So, what are the average number of questions that you can expect from this topic? Well, in the past years, we have seen that the number of questions from this section has hovered around 4-5 questions. In recent times, the total number of questions on fill in the blanks has somewhat declined. But still, you can expect at least 3-4 questions in IBPS RRB Mains 2020.

The difficulty of the questions: You must be interested to know about the level of difficulty of the questions asked in the IBPS RRB questions. Well, the questions are mostly easy. However, it is seen that most candidates make maximum errors on the easy questions. So, you still need to practice a bit to get all the answers right.

How much practice do you need? You need to put in a lot of practice to ace fill in the blanks. There are two things you can try out. First, you can solve around 4-5 questions every day. Otherwise, you can practice around 20-25 questions on a single day of the week. This is not going to take more than 15-20 minutes. So, choose the practice strategy that works for you.

Common Types of Fill in the Blanks of Questions

Let us now take a look at the common types of questions on fill in the blanks. This would help you to chalk out a good strategy for bank exam preparation.

Basic Structure of the Questions: The basic structure of the question is quite simple. You would be given a sentence with one or two gaps in the middle. You would be given multiple choices and you need to choose the right answer. If there are two or more blanks, you would be combinations in the options. Sometimes, there can be two possible answers to a single blank. In that case, you have to choose the option that contains both the right possibilities.

Example: Health and education are two of the ___ indicators of development

A. Main

B. Important

C. High

D. Low


a) A-D

b) A-B

c) C-D

d) B-C

Important topics for Fill in the Blanks

You need to have a good deal of understanding in the following areas if you want to solve IBPS RRB fill in the blanks questions quickly and accurately.

A) Adjectives – You need to learn some important words that describe a particular thing. For example, in the question mentioned above, all the words given in the options are adjectives. So, learn your adjectives well.

B) Prepositions – Learn the important prepositions and their proper usages. Questions on prepositions are quite common in RRB exam.

C) Synonyms and Antonyms – You also need to learn about the synonyms and the antonyms of different words. To find the important words, you should refer to previous year IBPS RRB English exam papers.

Step by Step Approach for Solving IBPS RRB Fill in the Blanks Questions

You just need a few simple steps to solve fill in the blanks questions in an effortless and quick way. In the beginning, this might take a few minutes. But as you start to put in the practice, you would be able to follow this approach and solve questions within seconds.

STEP 1: READ – The first step is important. You need to read the sentence properly. Read it once or even twice, so that you get the sentence.

STEP 2: UNDERSTAND – Every sentence is about saying something. So, try to understand what is being said in the sentence. Once you get that, you can automatically detect what words could be used to fill up the blanks.

STEP 3: LOOK – The next step in the process is to look at the options given. This is important especially in the case of blanks that can have more than two answers. If you are confused about two options, look at the sentence again and try to put both of the options in the blanks. Then, choose the one that sounds right.

STEP 4: ANSWER – The last thing is answering. The only thing you should do is not to hurry. You might have the right answer in your head, but you can mark the wrong answer on paper! So, try to keep calm and carry on!

Solving IBPS RRB Fill in the Blanks Questions

Now that we know the right approach to solving fill in the blanks questions, let us put that to practice by solving a few questions.

Let us take up the example that we have cited above.


Health and education are two of the ___ indicators of development

A. Main

B. Important

C. High

D. Low


a) A-D

b) A-B

c) C-D

d) B-C

Solution: Let us use the approach to solve this question

STEP 1: READ – When we read the sentence, we find that the sentence is about health, education, and development.

STEP 2: UNDERSTAND – When we look at it closely, we find that the sentence is trying to show the relationship between health and education and development. Since the word ‘factors’ is being mentioned, you can guess that the sentence is trying to emphasize how ‘relevant’ or ‘irrelevant’ health and education are to development.

STEP 3: LOOK: Next, we look at the words given below. The words ‘main’ and ‘important’ serve our purpose well. The other two words ‘high’ and ‘low’, don’t do that.

STEP 4: ANSWER: When we look at the options, we see that option (b) contains both the words. Hence, that’s the right answer.

Answer: Option (b)

General Tips for Solving Fill in the Blanks Questions

  • Get your basics right. Study Wren and Martin or any other standard English grammar book for learning the proper usage of the words.
  • Learn synonyms and antonyms as well as various adjectives on a regular basis.
  • Read the question properly. Try to put different options and look at which options sound right.
  • Never hurry!

Practice Questions

Question 1: India is a ___ country


A. High

B. Developing

C. Looking

D. Other

Answer: B

Question 2: Rajan and Swami are playing ___ a ball____the classroom


A. for, without

B. on, at

C. with, in

D. without, on

Answer: C

Question 3: The noise of the drum beats _______ and frightened the tiger


A. Perplexed

B. Prevented

C. Pertained

D. Persisted

Answer: A

These were some of the things that would help you to solve IBPS RRB fill in the blanks questions. For more such useful articles, feel free to browse our website. Study smart and crack IBPS RRB 2021 with ease.

Best wishes!

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