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Comprehension is one of the most important sections in the English language test of IBPS RRB Mains examination. A majority of the questions are asked in this section in the English language exam. If you are applying for IBPS RRB PO exam or IBPS RRB office assistant examination, then you must have strong preparation for the comprehension. On the face of it, comprehension might look easy. But, it is anything but easy. There are a lot of things that you need to do in order to ensure that you secure a good score in IBPS RRB 2021. So, what are these things? We will find out! Here, we are going to take a look at some of the main things that would help you in preparing for the IBPS RRB English Comprehension test.

Understanding the IBPS RRB English Comprehension Test

What is the structure of the questions in English Comprehension?

In English comprehension, you would be given a paragraph. The paragraph would be followed by a set of questions, usually 5 to 6 in number. The answers to the questions are to be derived from the paragraph itself. You should note that the questions would test your understanding of the paragraph. So, in some cases, you would not find lines in the paragraphs that provide direct answers. You have to use your own understanding.

How many questions are there?

As said before, questions on comprehension form the biggest chunk of questions in the English language test in IBPS RRB mains. We have already said that there are 5 to 6 questions for each ‘set’ or paragraphs. Sometimes, there are even more questions. There are 2-3 such sets in the paper. So, on an average, there are more than 15-20 questions from IBPS RRB English Comprehension.

How difficult are they?

Well, the questions are not inherently difficult. All you need to need to do is get what is being said in the paragraph. This might get a bit difficult for you in the start. But, you would get it with practice. If you look at the questions only, then their level of difficulty could be stated to be ‘easy’.

How to Prepare for IBPS RRB English Comprehension?

Okay, so our target is to score full marks from the English comprehension. Doing that is neither hard nor time-consuming. All you need is a systematic approach and a good deal of practice. Let us look at some of the things that you should try to do.

Things that you should do every day

There are certain things that you should do every day. These things would definitely help you with your IBPS RRB English preparation.

  • Read the newspaper daily – Reading newspapers daily is not only good for current affairs but for English comprehension as well. The piece of news is nothing but a paragraph. Read the news, and try to make bullet points about the main things said in the news. This would help you in a better understanding of the passages.
  • Watch the news in English – Sometimes, it is easier to comprehend what someone is saying than reading. This would help you to understand and retain the information in a better way.
  • Solve at least one set daily – There is nothing better than practice. If you have at least a couple of months before the exam, then you should make it a point to practice English comprehension by solving a set every day.

Books you should read

Most of the candidates often wonder about what books they must read in order to better their comprehension skills. Well, you don’t have to read a lot of books to ace in this section. Most general English grammar books would have lessons in comprehension. The information given in those lessons are just about enough to crack this exam. You should then solve attempt mock tests and previous year questions of IBPS RRB English Comprehension. You can check out the following books as they would be of help:

Apart from the above books, you should also try to read stories in English. This would improve your reading speed. This would be of great help in the exam.

Solving Previous Year Papers

Solving IBPS English comprehension questions from previous year papers is always a good thing. It gives you an idea about the kind of questions you can expect in the IBPS RRB exam. A good strategy would be to solve more challenging papers, as they would give you an edge over the rest. So, apart from the previous year papers for IBPS RRB exam, you should also try to solve questions from the previous year papers of the following exams.

  • UPSC Civil Services – CSAT
  • English Comprehension from other banking exams
  • Reading Comprehension section of CAT, popularly called RC.

Approaching Comprehension Questions During the Exam

Okay, now that we know how you should prepare for IBPS English Comprehension, let us see how you should approach the question during the actual exam.

STEP 1 – Read – A lot of candidates jump straight to the questions, thinking that they would find the answers from the paragraph. This would eat up a good deal of time. Instead, you should invest time in reading the text. This would take lesser time. You don’t need to read each and every line with concentration. Just try to read and understand what is being said.

STEP 2 – Break Down – The next thing that you should do is break down the text into sections. This ‘breaking down’ should be done according to the point a particular section is making. For example, let us say that the entire passage is about Mahatma Gandhi and his emphasis on cleanliness. The first few lines speak about his actual thoughts, that is going to be a section. The next few lines talk about the things he did, that would be another section. You should practice doing this on paper and then your mind, as you wouldn’t get any paper during the exam.

STEP 3 – Look at the question – The next thing that you should do is look at the question and try to identify the section which would have the answer. Then look at the section to get the specific answer.

This all might seem a little bit too much for you to handle. But trust me, things would become easier and faster with time. Just keep on practicing and you would be solving answers without any effort.

So, this is how you can solve IBPS RRB English comprehension questions. Hope this article was of help to you. For more such useful articles, keep browsing our website.

Best of luck!

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