IBPS RRB Computer Syllabus | Topics to Study for IBPS RRB 2021


Computers have become essential for any modern-day banks. Rural banks are no exception. If you are applying for IBPS officers exam or IBPS office assistants exam, then you must possess a basic proficiency in computers. That is exactly what is tested in the computer proficiency test in IBPS RRB Mains Exam. So, what is there in the IBPS RRB computer syllabus? How should you deal with it? Here, we are going to take a quick look at all those questions.

IBPS RRB Notification

Detailed IBPS RRB Computer Syllabus

There is no explicit mention of any syllabus for Computer test in the official notification for IBPS RRB 2021. However, that doesn’t mean that they would ask anything randomly. If you look at the previous year syllabus, you would find that questions are always asked about some specific topics. These topics make up the IBPS RRB computer syllabus. Let us take a look at the topics from which you would get the most questions.

Topics in IBPS RRB Computer Syllabus

The following topics come under the computer syllabus for IBPS RRB exam. Please note that the syllabus is same for IBPS RRB officers exam and IBPS RRB office assistants exam.

  1. Computer Hardware – Input and Output devices, Constituents of a Hard Disk, Different types of Hardware used in PCs and networks.
  2. Computer Software – Different type of software and their applications.
  3. Operating System – Types and features of different operating systems
  4. MS Office – Features, functions, and operations. You would also be questioned on shortcuts.
  5. Memory – Bits and bytes conversion. ROM and RAM. Types of data, data storage, and file systems.
  6. Internet – Internet protocols, browsers, internet hardware like cables, modems, Dial-up, VPN, broadband, Email, Websites, history of the Internet.
  7. Shortcuts and Abbreviations – Keyboard shortcuts, abbreviation like URL, BIOS, WWW etc.
  8. Networking – Types of networks, Network devices, and topologies.
  9. Computer fundamentals and terminologies – History of the computer, generations, basic terminologies.

Analysis of the Topics

Okay, so now we know the topics that come in the exam. But how many questions are asked about each topic? How difficult are they? Having answers to these questions would help you in the better preparation. Just take a look at the table below:

Topic Average No. of Questions Difficulty
Computer Fundamentals 7-8 Easy
Networking 4-5 Hard
Operating System 3-4 Moderate to Hard
Computer Software 3-4 Moderate to Hard
Computer Hardware 3-4 Easy to Moderate
MS Office 4-5 Easy to Moderate
Keyboard shortcuts 2-3 Easy
Memory 2-3 Easy
Internet 2-3 Easy

Suggested Strategy for IBPS RRB Computer Syllabus

One of the most common mistakes that a lot of candidates do is overreading computer subjects. They are only going to ensure that you have a basic knowledge of computers. If you have studied basic computers at school and use a computer at home, then you can answer most of the questions. However, you can still buy a basic computer book and read from it. You also need to practice previous year question papers to understand things better.

To know more about strategies for IBPS RRB computer preparation, click here.

Recommended Books for Computer Test

The following books should be enough to cover the computer syllabus for IBPS RRB mains exam.

Few Facts About IBPS RRB Computer Syllabus

Would there be a practical test?

No, there would be no practical test. You would only need to pick the right answers to the questions.

Do I need to do a special course to better my chances?

Well, doing a computer course is always a good thing. However, you don’t need it for IBPS RRB exam. All the questions are basic and the topics can be covered by reading a little.

Is it optional?

No, computer test is mandatory for office assistants and officers (Scale I, II and III). So, irrespective of the post you are applying for, you have to sit for this test.

So, that was a detailed look at the IBPS RRB computer syllabus. Hopefully, we have helped you with this article. For more such useful articles on various exams, feel free to browse our website. Click on the following links for more information on the syllabus of other subjects click on the links below:

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