IBPS RRB Computer Preparation | IBPS RRB 2021


Computer Awareness is one of the most important subjects that come in the IBPS RRB exam. However, not many candidates pay a great deal of attention towards this particular subject. That’s a big mistake that you should avoid. Consider the fact- the computer knowledge section is worth 40 marks in IBPS RRB clerk exam and worth 20 marks in IBPS RRB PO exam. These marks are crucial for getting selected in the IBPS RRB exam 2021. Let us see how you deal with IBPS RRB computer preparation and how you can score good marks in IBPS RRB computer test.

Few Facts About the IBPS RRB Computer Test

Let us first know a few things about the computer test in IBPS RRB computer test. These few simple facts would help you understand the nature of the test and how you should deal with IBPS RRB computer preparation in the right way.

The Number of Questions

Computer Awareness is a subject that comes in the IBPS RRB Mains. You would have to answer questions on computer knowledge in both IBPS RRB PO exam and IBPS RRB Office Assistant Exam. However, the number of questions and the total marks differ between the exams. Let us take a look at the number of questions that come in each of the stages of the examination

Post Number of Questions on Computer Total Marks
Office Assistant 40 40
Officer 40 20


Do I Have to do a course to increase my chances?

Well, learning a new thing is always a good thing. So, we would not discourage you from doing that. But, you don’t need to do any ‘special’ course on computers to clear the computer awareness section in IBPS RRB exam. Just a basic computer book and a knowledge of the basic operation of the computer is something that would get you good marks in the music.

Are the Questions Really Difficult?

Well, the questions on IBPS Computer Awareness section are quite easy to answer. The questions asked are pretty basic in nature. So, if you devote even a little bit of time behind it,  getting full marks from this section is not a tough thing to do.

How to Deal with IBPS RRB Computer Preparation?

Computers form the basis of the working any organisation in today’s age. If you are looking forwards to working in a bank, then you need to have a basic understanding of computers. This is exactly what this section of the exams tests you for. You don’t have to have to be an expert in computers to crack this section. The IBPS just want to make sure that a candidate won’t have a problem carrying out the day to day work at your bank.

We suggest that you don’t study from proper computer textbooks because they would be of a much higher level than is required for exam preparation purposes. Studying from the internet and downloading a couple of e-books from the internet would be of great help.  You should also take regular quizzes on this section as they would help you . These quizzes will also give you a fair idea about the kind of questions you can expect in the exam.

These are some of the things that you should learn about the IBPS RRB Computer Preparation. We hope that you liked the article, and this would help you in your IBPS RRB preparation