IBPS PO Interview | How to Approach it the Right Way?


IBPS PO Interview is the last stage of getting selected as a PO in one of the largest PSBs in India. If you have made it this far, then you need to congratulate yourself. However, the battle is still not won. If you look at the IBPS PO Exam Pattern, you would know that the interview stage plays just an as important part of the selection. So, this needs adequate preparation. In this article, we are going to look at some of the tips that you should follow while preparing for IBPS PO Interview.

Preparing for IBPS PO Interview

Well, you should not pay much attention to interview unless you have passed your IBPS PO Mains. IBPS PO Interview doesn’t need extensive preparation. When you are preparing for the interview, try to keep the following things in mind.

  1. Know Yourself– Don’t try to be something that you are not. If you are shy, don’t be afraid to show that to the interview. The interview board can recruit a shy and introvert person. But they would never recruit an introvert who is trying to desperately show how social he/she is. As they say, be confident in your skin. You are not a bad person!
  2. Know Your Background – Most of the times the interview board would ask questions about your background. It can be your educational background, the city where you live and your family.
  3. Try to be motivated about banking – It would be tremendously beneficial for you if you could find your true motivation about joining the banking sector. I have seen a lot of candidates who want the security of a government job, but in front of the interview board, they say that they want to serve the country. Patriotism is great, but fake patriotism is not going to take you far! So, find your own motivation. Yes, the interview board would not dismiss you straight away if you say you are here for the money and security. But, try to answer something else. Try to find a truly good reason that really motivates you to join the banking sector.

Going for the IBPS PO Interview

What Kind of Dress to Wear?

One of the first questions that candidates often have is what kind of dress they should wear for the IBPS PO Interview. Well, there is no ‘official’ dress code as such. But, try to follow these guidelines


  • A two-piece matched suit is probably the best and safest choice. Don’t go with flashy one. Go with a very subtle weave pattern suit that is dark in color and pair that with a light colored shirt.
  • If you don’t have a suit, wear a light colored full shirt paired with dark trousers. Strictly avoid loud and flashy colors and patterns.
  • Pair the suit or shirt with a good tie. Wear mid-calf length socks so that no skin is visible even when you sit down. Pair them with formal shoes.
  • Do not forget to take a neat hair-cut and clean shave before you appear for the  IBPS PO interview.


  • You can choose from trousers paired with a light colored formal shirt. You can light solid colored saree paired with a collared or V-Neck (not too deep neck) and 3/4th sleeves blouse. You can also with a light shade salwar – kameez.
  • If you choose a trouser, it should be dark-colored paired with a light color formal shirt.
  • The suit or saree must be simple and without much embroidery or other flashy work on it. Shaadi mein nahi aaye ho aap!
  • Use a little makeup. Avoid loud makeup and wearing dark color lipstick or nail colors. You might choose not to wear any makeup at all, only a simple and neat look is all you need.
  • Trousers should be paired with dark color formal shoes. If you are wearing a saree or salwar kameez can wear flat or lightly heeled chappals.
  • If you are carrying a purse, it must be simple and small, like a clutch. Avoid carrying large flashy bags.

Some Common Tips that You Should Keep in Mind for the IBPS PO Interview

  1.  Reach the venue well ahead of time and dress up appropriately. Your body language plays a major role in her impression formation.
  2.  Don’t try to prove the interviewers wrong or try to indulge in any sort of arguments with them.
  3. Most of the questions asked in the interview of banking examinations are based on the current affairs of the past six months. Make sure that you have the current affairs, important banking terminologies (especially based on the current affairs) at your fingertips.
  4. Be well versed with what is there on your biodata i.e. educational qualifications, family background, professional experience (if any), etc. Learn to answer them adeptly and wisely.
  5. You have to be prepared to face questions like, “What is your hometown famous for?” or “Name the famous personality who hails from the city you belong to.” They also might put up questions on the organization your mother/ father/ sister/ brother works for. So, keep yourself abreast of every such information that is related to you.

Facing Questions From the Interview Board

First Things First

Always greet the interview board with a smile. If there is a lady member, greet her first and then the gentlemen. Don’t sit unless asked to. Don’t worry, thy would ask you to sit!

Introducing Yourself

The important points that one needs to keep in mind to answer this question efficiently are as follows:
1. Name: When asked to introduce yourself, make it a point to always state your full name first. You must know the meaning of your name and mythological importance of your name. In fact, if the name of any of your family members has a special connection, you must know about that too.
2. Place: Be prepared to face questions like, “What is your hometown famous for?” or “Name the famous personality who hails from the city you belong to?” They may also ask you questions related to the branch of a particular bank in your city. Keep yourself ready with the answer to every such question.
3. Academics/Educational Qualifications: They can ask you to tell them about the name of the institution that you did your graduation from. Disclose the percentage of marks only if you think you have scored fairly well or else you can talk about other achievements you have had in your journey so far. Also, prepare yourself to answer the questions on the main subject/ stream you graduated with.

Questions About Your Academic Background

Most of the times, they would ask you why you want to join the banking sector. This is common if you are from the engineering background. So, how should you answer the questions?
Well, don’t give them the impression is the banking is the only option that you have. Everybody wants to get a chooser, not a beggar! So, tell them that you are interested in the banking sector as the banks are playing an important role in the economic growth of the country. You believe that the analytical and problem-solving abilities you learned in engineering colleges would you help to solve banking issues.
Give them the idea that this is something that you aspire for. They should not think that you are only looking for a job so to marry and start a family and take vacations to Goa!

How to Explain Gaps in Years?

A lot of candidates spend years for preparing in civil services and when they fail to get in, they appear for banking exams. You need to worry about explaining the gap. If they ask, tell them that you have been preparing for UPSC or any other exam. Say more, only if they ask more.
If they ask for reasons for failure, give them an analysis of the failures. Don’t say that “I have tried hard but don’t know what went wrong. I guess its fate!” Give them real reasons.  Also, try to explain that you have learned something from your failure and you can use those lessons in banking. They don’t hate failures, they hate people who don’t learn.
So, these were some of the tips that you can follow while going for IBPS PO Interview. Hope this article was of help!
All the best!