IBPS PO Bank Preference


IBPS PO Exam is one of the most sought after bank exams. In IBPS PO, you have the option to choose from different banks and fill up the preference list. In the following post, we would take a look at how you should fill up IBPS PO Bank Preference.  There are a lot of factors that you need to consider when you are filling up your IBPS PO Bank Preference. So, let us begin.

IBPS PO Bank Preference – Factors to Consider

There are a lot of things that students consider when filling IBPS PO Bank Preference. Some of the most common factors are the following:

  • Getting home/desirable posting
  • Salary
  • Promotions
  • Work Load

When You are Thinking About the Salary

Most of the students think that there is a huge difference between the salary of different banks. It is not true. Your salary would be the same as mentioned in the IBPS PO Notification. Banks are liable to pay, and they pay that salary. There might be certain differences in the salary as you get promoted, but even there, the difference is not huge. So, salary-wise, there is nothing much difference between the banks.

When you are thinking about Promotions

When you are thinking about promotions while filling up the IBPS PO Bank Preference, then you must know that just like the salary, the promotions too, are not much different in the IBPS PO Banks. All the banks that recruit through the IBPS PO  exam, have a uniform rank structure. However, the number of posts at each level might differ. This is the reason why the time taken to get promoted differs from bank to bank. However, there is little difference there as well. In Bank A, which is a larger bank, you might get promoted in 2 years (say), whereas in the smaller Bank B, you might get promoted in 2.5-3 years.

IBPS PO Bank Preference – Considering the location of the Headquarters

To choose a bank on your IBPS PO  preference list, its headquarter should be given the topmost priority, if you are looking to get home posting or a posting to your desired city. Most of the banks have the maximum number of its branches in the state its headquarter is located in. For example, Bank of Baroda has the maximum number of its branches in the state of Gujarat, as its headquarters are in Baroda (Vadodara). So, if you give the top preference to this bank, the probability of you getting posted in Gujarat increases. However, when you are talking about the Bank of Baroda, certain other factors come to play as well. BoB also conducts its recruitment process through PGDBF Programme at Manipal University. However, one can still put it as his/her first preference in the IBPS PO application form.

IBPS PO Bank Preference – According to Location

IBPS PO Preference List for North India

States: Delhi, Punjab, UP, UK, J&K, HP, Haryana and Rajasthan

1. Bank of Baroda
2. Punjab National Bank
3. Oriental Bank of Commerce
4. Allahabad Bank
5. IDBI Bank
6. Punjab & Sind Bank
7. Canara Bank

IBPS PO Preference List for East & North East India

States: Odisha, West Bengal, Bihar, Jharkhand, Seven Sister states and Sikkim

1. Allahabad Bank
2. Punjab National Bank
3. Bank of Baroda
4. UCO Bank
5. United Bank of India
6. Canara Bank

 IBPS PO Preference List for West & Central India

States: Maharashtra, Gujarat, MP, Chhattisgarh, Goa

1. Bank of Baroda
2. IDBI Bank
3. Dena Bank
4. Bank of Maharashtra
5. Canara Bank
6. Central Bank of India

IBPS PO Preference List  for South India

States: Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Kerala

1. Canara Bank
2. Indian Bank
3. Vijaya Bank
4. Indian Overseas Bank
5. Andhra Bank
6. Corporation Bank
7. Syndicate Bank

These were the preference list for different locations. We suggest that you consider other factors so to make the right choice.

Knowing Your Options

As you can see above, there are only 5 or 6 banks given under each list. This because the chances of getting posted in the region is the highest for those banks. However, these are not the only banks that are there. We would suggest that you go through the list of the banks participating in the IBPS PO exam to know about all the options that you have. To know about the participating banks click on the link below:

IBPS PO Participating Banks

These were the details of the IBPS PO Bank Preference. We hope that you found the article to be helpful. For more such useful articles, keep browsing Topprnotes.