How to write best essays – Tips and Tricks to write superb essays


Not everyone is a bookworm but everyone has to write essays. It’s almost an unavoidable part of the school curriculum. Thus, students who do not like being buried in books all day long, face colossal problems while writing their English Language exams, particularly with the portion that demands 350-500 words essay. It’s at this point that they have cold feet and begin looking right, left and centre for some assistance to fall their way.

Much as the situation is oppressing, it’s not one that cannot be escaped. Writing essays and scoring prolifically in them is very much possible if done with astute finesse. So take heart, set your glasses and power through the following points to up your chances of writing superb essays.

Why Simplicity is necessary for Writing

Tips and Tricks to write best essays

1. Start with the right foot. Write an introduction that hooks readers from the start!

While writing the introduction of the essay, it is very important to invite the readers to what you’re about to showcase them in the remainder of your essay. For this, introductions have to be punchy and forceful enough to tickle the interest and curiosity of the reader. Inserting relevant quotes and sayings of prominent personalities can help make a good start to your essay piece. Moreover, starting the essay with amusing proverbs and facts can also help greatly. Basically, your introduction should be a bright harbinger to the topic that is yet to be unveiled.

2. Pack the body with all the vital points. Leave no stones unturned!

This is the cardinal portion of the essay and fetches the most marks. Thus, the body or the main part of the essay needs to contain all the principle points, facts, arguments and evidences that collectively answer the overarching question. This is the most bulky segment and students often run away with their imagination while structuring it. Thus, one must be careful not to digress from the topic at hand and primarily stick to the central theme.

3. End with a final claim. Reiterate your idea even while signing off!

Writing the conclusion of the essay is like tucking the loose ends of a tapestry into a neat fold. That’s exactly how you should prepare the ending of your handiwork as well. Mention your opinions and assessments in a succinct manner before putting the final fullstop. Reiterate your claims in a few but forceful words that leave the readers still whirling from the wordy voyage they just had. Your final statement should be preferably short but full of doused meanings.

4. Make comparisons. Examine each point with a yardstick!

A riveting essay usually comprises analogies between two or many different subtopics. This helps readers to understand the topic in a lucid fashion and place it in an ordered arrangement. For instance, if you’re writing an essay on your school/college then you can drag in the credentials of other neighbouring institutions to further highlight the performance of yours in relation to those of its competitiors. Thus, by drawing analogies, the attributes, advantages as well as disadvantages of a subject can be better explored and underlined by the writer.

5. Draw a flowchart of ideas and pounce on them, one at a time!

Often students face the pressure of reaching the required word limit of the essay. They simply can’t figure out what to write next. Thus, to tackle the recurring writer block, you can jot down points that immediately occur to you when you first read the pool of essay topics in the question paper. In this way, you can attempt the topic for which you have the largest number of hints and write comfortably to achieve both the word limit and the coveted A+. Elaborate on each point, one at a time and there won’t be any qualms or deficiency of material to add to your piece.

Techniques to make your life easier

 Armed with these tips and tricks, crafting essays will become a much easier business to handle. Students find essays no less than a nightmare that has to be necessarily stomached. After the complete guide, they will certainly be able to take the bull by the horns.