How to win at board games? Strategies for board games – Ludo, business and more


Summer is over and it’s time to go back to college and our second home- hostel. The hostel is a home away from home. And along comes free time and with it comes our favorite board games. Playing board games is a great way to relax and spend leisure time and is a bonding moment with your roommates and friends. All that aside you play to win. So here are a few tips on how to win at board games, covering all the popular board games.

How to wBusiness - How to win at board games Strategies for popular board games - Ludo, business and morein at board games

1. Ludo

Ludo - How to win at board games Strategies for popular board games - Ludo, business and more

Let’s start with a board game which originated in India- Ludo. It has been played since time immemorial. Known as “Paachisi” in older times, it has been played since time immemorial.

A fun and engaging game here are a few strategies to win in this game-

  • Never leave a chance to kill the opponent. This is necessary if you have multiple active pieces on the board.
  • But if in the single cast you have the choice to kill or land straight Home, go for the latter. It is all about the skillful discretion.
  • Try not to be in the path of an opponents piece as much as possible, since you do not have practical control over the number that would be cast on the dice.
  • Try maintaining yourself at the tail of the opponents.

2. Chess

Chess - How to win at board games Strategies for popular board games - Ludo, business and more

Chess is a game for the brainstormers. You need real strategies and scheming to win at this game. Here are few to help you out-

  • Your first move with the e-pawn or d-pawn advancing two squares is considered a good strategy. In either case, you will open pathways for the pieces. Also get your chess pieces off the starting squares. The pieces should get into the game rapidly, and posted where they can achieve something.
  • Well stay true to the motive of the game- Keep your King safe. Castle early and get him behind your wing pawns. Castling safeguards the King from sudden chess tactics and even checkmate.
  • Advance only one or two pawns in the chess opening, just enough to stake out the centre and develop your pieces quickly. Moving pawns can weaken your defences.

3. Business

Business - How to win at board games Strategies for popular board games - Ludo, business and more

This game involves a lot of luck but with a few tips under your sleeve, you can save yourself from going bankrupt-

  • Buy smart. Always pick up available properties and block your opponents from completing a groupset.
  • Buy the Railroads other than the rest of the utilities. But if the opportunity arises try purchasing both of them.
  • Get out of jail quickly early in the game, even if you have to pay for it. Later on, when moving around the board is more dangerous and could prove very very costly, stay in jail as long as you can.
  • When you build on your properties, get to three houses as quickly as possible since the rent rises significantly.
  • Don’t mortgage properties where you have built two or three properties.

4. Scrabble

Scrabble - How to win at board games Strategies for popular board games - Ludo, business and more

If you’re a verbivore, you will love this game. With a maximum of 4 players, this is not an easy game. Try these tips to have an edge over your opponents-

  • One of the simplest ways to shed letters and get some high scores in Scrabble is to keep an eye out for suffix opportunities. The obvious include “s”, “ed” and “ing”, even “ish” is also recommended.
  • In addition to QI in the two-letter word list, there are a handful of words which use Q without U. These include QIN, QAT, FIQH, QAID, QADI, QOPH, WAQF, FAQIR, QORMA, and TALAQ, among others. In these examples, you can also add an S to boost your score further.
  • It can feel like Scrabble suicide by swapping all of your tiles and missing out on a scoring round but it can benefit you in the long run, especially if you’re left with low scoring letters or loads of consonants. Ideally, you should leave as few high-point tiles in your rack as possible.

5. Cluedo

Cluedo - How to win at board games Strategies for popular board games - Ludo, business and more

An interesting game, the detective in you will love it. But every detective has few tricks of his own for finding the killer. Here are few to help you in your case in this game-

  • Each time you enter a room, make a suggestion about the murder. You don’t actually have to know the correct room, weapon or suspect yet – instead, use the accusation to whittle down the options. For example, if you’ve got the billiard room, Miss Scarlett and the lead piping in your hand, you know they can’t be in the envelope. Next time you enter the billiard room, accuse Miss Scarlett with the revolver. That way you can draw out the revolver and eliminate it as a weapon in one move.
  • Following from the above tip, when you’re in a room you hold in your hand, stay there. Of course, you can leave and come back, or leave for another room you own to avoid giving the game away, but you can quickly rattle through weapons or suspects by staying put and guessing the same room each time.
  • You can remember which cards you’ve shown to which player, and a certain player keeps making the same guess, just keep showing them the same card. You don’t have to show a different card each time. For example, if you’ve shown a player the candlestick and they keep making a guess involving the candlestick, don’t give away more of your cards than you have to!

These strategies, when put to right use, will increase your winning chances. But don’t forget Lady Luck can swap hands anytime. Just don’t be a sore loser and enjoy your time to the fullest while playing these games.