How to take Career decisions after school | Career Opportunities after 10th And 12th


Humans make decisons, life follows

We come across many crossroads in life where we finally have to arrive at a conclusion. Sometimes, reaching these conclusions is tiresome, and we look out for hands which could help us solve those blockers.

Students, particularly face this situations in their life very often. For example, after the completion of their class 10th or class 12th, they have to decide the road which they will be following in their life. Many of them gets confused because of the lack of proper guidance or unavailability of required resources. Looking at the recent scenario, the one who is a friend and guide to all is Google. Nowadays, one can find almost every solution to a problem on Google. All you need to do is to type it out and there comes an answer right on your screen.

How to choose a Career option after class 10th and class 12th

One cannot simply decide their upcoming life just considering the interests or push force/driving force. There are steps you must follow before coming to a right decision.

Steps to arrive at a right decision:

1. Gather Information

Since there is a wide range of opportunities available enough to make you confused, at first you should try to gather/collect information from your peers, relatives or teachers about the stream they are in and how they felt about it, ask them for the pros and cons and whether you can opt it.

2. Choose

After collecting all the necessary details, the toughest part is to make a choice among all the available alternatives. Choose the option as per your interest and passion.

Think about the options where you can see yourself working for whole day and you still are ready to pursue it for whole week, month and year.

3. Analyse

After making a choice you should always consider all the constraints (financial position, your interest, your abilities, pros and cons etc.), this is called analysis. It will help you to make an appropriate decision.

4. Prepare

So now that you have known what is best for you start your preparation for that accordingly. You should help both your mind and body to be prepared for the upcoming race. Preparation doesn’t only mean clearing it out, rather it means reaching the desired level of expectancy.

5. Act

It is the last step of decision making. This step requires you to take your action and proceed in the direction of your goal.

Don't just think, act as well - Choosing a career after class 10th and 12th

So now when we have seen the various steps, let’s apply them to find various career opportunities. There are widespread opportunities in this world when it comes to career.

Opportunities after class 10th

1. If you are a good student and always had a keen interest in the world around you and curiosity to know How things work, then you can opt for Science Stream. Although the steam seems hard, it always works out for the ones who are passionate about medicine or about technology or management.

2. If you are a student even with average marks there is no need to worry as long as you are good with numbers, calculations and statistics. You can go for Commerce. It isn’t really a tough stream. All you need to have is a keen interest towards numbers.

3. If you aren’t feeling towards either numbers or technology and you have a good connection with William Shakespeare or Robert Frost then you are always welcome into Arts, The world of literature.

4. If any of these doesn’t suit you well, you can even go for a diploma directly for short term and then you can be into any technical line. Just to explore a field and then decide again. The downfall is the time you spend in exploring, but you will be clear about the next set of actions.

Opportunities after 12th

Once you have completed your 12th, there opens up a wide range of fields to be discovered.

1. After Science, you can get into professional courses like B. Tech, B.C.A, B.Sc., with some specializations.

2. After Commerce, you can either go with the simple graduation or there are various other courses like, B.B.A, C.A etc.

Further after completing your graduation, you can either go to for your Master’s, Doctorate or simply a job. You can even have your own start-up and go for entrepreneurship.

Also, there are many other courses which you can do to gain knowledge like Tally or D.C.A or Computer Hardware/Software courses to improve your skillset.

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