How To Take Care Of Yourself Everyday? Things to keep in mind to live happily | Be yourself


Want to know your limit?
Well, it’s you!

The world today we live in vast and versatile. The only persistent thing here is change. When we call ‘Change’, it automatically refers to ‘transition from one state to another’, particularly from a present state to next state. So, when you deal with changes you need to take care of something, probably someone who is most important to you.

Who do you think is the most important person in your life?

Is it Family? Friends? Colleagues? Neighbours? If you think it is one of those, then you are wrong.

The most important person in your life is ‘You’. Remember: when you assign priorities, count yourself as #1.  Yes, the one you should take care of most is yourself. If you can’t caress yourself, do you think you can handle others like your family, close friends?

Suppose your beloved has met with an accident and it needs on-the-spot action. There’s no one who can help you with this and you are the only one who can save him/her. Would you be able to take the desired, say appropriate action with confidence if you hadn’t encountered this situation before? Perhaps No!

In a similar fashion, when you want to heal a wound, it needs to be stitched first. So, if you want to explore others, the one you should start it with is yourself. Looking at all of these we now have the idea that at times we should be ‘self-centred’.

Create adventures of you - Take care of yourself, Live happily

Now, here the question arises what should we exactly do to explore ourselves?

Will solitude work? Will asking some questions work? The answer is rather simple.

You need to become selfish when it comes to your happiness and your state of mind. You should never allow anyone to hinder your mental peace or leave you unstable. You should be the sole reason for whatever happens to you. To be more precise, you should maintain a healthy yourself even for the worst to come.

Do’s which you should keep in mind for your own self

Reinvent yourself - Take care of yourself, Live happily

Here are some Do’s which you should keep in mind while going for a research on self.

  • Learn to keep calm. It will help you survive the worst condition in your life. Always keep your head cool, solutions will come out fast.
  • Bring your instinct and reasons in the same place. Most of the things don’t work out because you want to do something, and you end up doing something else. Try to listen to your heart and mind at the very instant and put them together in a team and let them play. You will see a fantastic win.
  • Find reasons. Don’t give up on asking why. It is the solution to almost all the problems.
  • Remind yourself every time that Who are you. It is very important in a world like ours, where you always seek to become like other. From the childhood itself, you are compared to the other being and if you resemble like one, you are being given the title of the Next one. Be you, Be the first you!
  • Tell yourself that it’s okay not to be okay. Not every moment is your moment. Some moments are precious because you have long enough for them and they are the fruit of the plant you had once sown.
  • Feed yourself properly, take care of yourself like a child, spend time with yourself, love your own company, admit that solitude its bliss.

You don’t need to change yourself to become better, try changing the definition of becoming better for own self.