How to score marks in college semester exams? Smart study in semester and annual exams


Exams are often considered as the most crucial segment of a student’s life, but very few of us know that its one of the most beautiful experience where there is a complete usage of the intelligence with great accomplishments after successfully tackling the exam with “SMART STUDY”. So, here are some tips and tricks on how to score good marks in College Exams.

How to score good marks in college exams

Planning and Execution

Planning is the foundation of any achievements. No goal is achievable before it is neatly penned down in a sheet of paper.

Firstly see how many days are left for the exam and then look at the syllabus left for you to complete, in case there is a vast syllabus to coverup on a short span of time do not panic because it is always “Better late than never”. After this, make a time table such a way that topics carrying higher marks need to be covered first. while preparing a timetable to begin to start your studies from early morning and make sure you study the hardest subject in the morning because that is when the brain is most active and alert.

Let the timetable be big and legible with bold writings, you can also put up a favorite quote for your self which can remind you to always stick to your timetable.

Execution is the part that requires a lot of dedication. Once the timetable is set next comes the execution and for this, you need to remind yourself how important this exam is to you.

Be the smart one who is on the track running and not the one who is still planning to take the jog!  A plan without execution is an absolute waste of time. So always get the plan going with determination.

For those who have difficulty in waking up in the early mornings as per your set timetable can make use best alarm app mentioned at the end of the article.

Smart Study

Usage of different colors in the study materials helps us to grasp the details quickly and permanently, use different colored highlighters to mark the important sentences in a paragraph.

Make post-it notes for formulas and key definitions etc, taking a quick look at it you need to be able to remember the entire topic related to it, stick them around your study are where you are bound to look at often.

Create short notes with the gist of everything you have learned, this will help you in revising the syllabus a day before the exam.

Distraction Management

Digital distractions like social media network are often seen as the obstacles to success these days in a student’s life. And we do have to act smart to overpower these distractions

First of all keep the phone away. Make a board that reads ” do not touch its a challenge ” and place your phone next to it so everytime you reach out to the cellphone you know what exactly you aren’t supposed to do!

For those who are used to using study apps in phone can put the phone in a “do not disturb”  mode where there won’t be any calls or messages coming in.

You can also block the social networking apps temporarily which is a better idea as it saves you from temptations to get distracted. Check out the end of the article for details regarding the apps for this purpose.


The one who is consistent who is steady, without any deviation from the daily routine is the one who ends up winning the goal. Be constant at what you are doing, stick to your timetable every other day without any withdrawals.

Remind yourself that its just a few days of dedication and commitment after which there are floods of happiness!

Reward Mechanism

Before you begin with your daily targets, eg: completion of 3 chapters before 11 am, set up a reward on completing the task, rewards like your favorite snack, a five-minute conversation with a close friend, a short walk with your pet etc.

Make sure the reward does not consume a lot of your time post the successful completion of the task.

Sleep Distraction Control

To stay active during the study hours always make sure you keep yourself well hydrated, that way you tend to use the washroom quite often which helps the sleep vanish.

When there is too much Sluggishness you can also listen to a powerful energetic music on loud volume that can help the sleep vanish. Eat small snacks during studies that again keeps the sleep away.

Motivational Checklist

After the completion of each topic, put a tick mark on the checklist which will give you further enthusiasm to complete the checklist. Motivate yourself that you are doing your best and you will surely archive the best results because you really have put in the best of your efforts.

Well, a thorough practice of above tactics would definitely land anyone in their desired goals, although one should always keep it in their mind that any goal shaped with true spirits of optimism and determination will lead to doors of success for sure.

Good luck with your preparations. Have a nice prep time!