Hostel Hacks – how to resolve conflicts among roommates?


From ‘It’s not home’ to ‘Feels like home’, Roommates are the reason why one is able to survive in the hostel. Roommates are not ordinary beings, they are one of a kind. Almost everything which you consider impossible, they will make it happen come what may. They have special kind of powers. They can make you laugh at the worst situation, they become nearly invisible when you start boasting about yourself, they will pick you up from the ground only after their quota of laughing has finished. Putting it simply, the ones who help you to enjoy life in the most lifeless places. However, life is not sunshine and rainbows throughout the year, sometimes there are conflicts among roommates.

It is said that ” Birds from the same feather, flock together” and it turns out true in the case of roommates. Living in the same room for days and sharing every single thing ends up building trust among strangers turning them into lifelines.

How to resolve conflicts among roommates?

Difficult situations help you grow stronger and wiser. There’s no way you can avoid them or stop them from occurring. They are situations which often take place between roommates and they don’t know how to handle it. Like one gets upset by others actions or words or end up having a misconception about something. All of these affects the trust widely. One needs to know the appropriate measures of how to deal with them.

They are partners in crime, 

They are well aware of your mood swings,

They are the worst liers,

They are the species you would probably never found on earth

They aren’t a part of your time, they are your time,

They are your alarm clock,

They often go with you on dates,

They are your roommates.

Here are some of the ways in which you can handle conflicts –

  • Try to talk to your roommates to fix the issues. Communication has been proved as the best and effective remedy for any disease. So, if there’s anything which bothers you or them, speak it out. Talk in solitude and come up with a solution. Don’t let it go just to satisfy your ego, you never know what might the other person is going through.
  • Apologise, if it was you who made a mistake. Apologies don’t dive you down rather it prevents further misunderstanding. Learn to apologize for a mistake. Don’t wait for the other person to come first, be the first yourself. Understand that “apologizing doesn’t let your guard down, it makes you more humble and considerate”.
  • Keep your head cool in the situations dealing with an enormous amount of stress. Be patient and calm. Nothing will work if you will behave aggressively. Anger will not stabilize the situation, it will only make it worse. Listen to the other fellow with a cool mind and try not to respond too quickly, it may make the situation go worse. Try to know their mindset and take actions accordingly.
  • Adapting is another way to deal with the kind of situations involving deadlock. It means if none of the people is willing to give away the grievances, then leave the situation as it is. You know time heals everything, so this will be solved too. All you need is patience throughout the situation. If you want to end it fast, the only option you have is breaking the deadlock. Be the first to communicate and resolve things out.

Hostel life is never easy but if you and your roommates are on good terms, things will always be smooth. Try to understand them and adapt to their methods without leaving yours. Always maintain a healthy relationship between yourselves.  Spend time together, go on outings or movies or shopping together. Share your snacks and snatch theirs, watch horror movies together and swipe the tears in each other’s eyes. Make sure the room you are living in is no less than a hell because you are already living with the monsters.

Roommates are the only people whom you can trust despite all the differences because they are as weird as you are and they know the whole of you