How to make New Friends in College – Build long lasting relationships with friends


Are you starting college and are worried about making friends? Do you identify yourself as an introvert and believe that the lack of social skills can leave you lonely and stranded? Has the pop culture and others’ college experiences led you to believe that if you have awesome friends, that Goa trip becomes much more adventurous and daily college lectures a little less boring? Are you even a teeny-tiny bit scared that you might find yourself lost in a new place where you don’t know anybody? do you ever how to make new friends in college?

Every fresher in college is just as new and clueless as you! So, don’t let this fact bother you. Well, you’d be surprised to know that to make friends in college, you just have to follow some very simple steps and you’re good to go.

A simple guide on how to make new friends in college

1. Try to initiate conversations

Try to initiate conversations - How to Make New Friends in College - A Simple Guide

 The best way to gain friends is to get people to know you. This can be easily achieved if you start introducing yourself to the people you meet in the initial days. If you’re in the classroom, greet the person sitting next to you. By this, you can avoid long awkward silences that might have followed, and you’ll have a familiar face the next time you enter that class.

2. Hang out on the campus more

Hang out on the campus more - How to Make New Friends in College - A Simple Guide

Hanging out in the common areas such as the library and study rooms is a great way to interact with fellow freshers as well as seniors. Do not shy away from asking questions from your seniors who might help you in getting to know the environment of the college so that you can live your college life to the fullest.

3. Join clubs/societies of the college

Join clubs or socities of the college - How to Make New Friends in College - A Simple Guide

When I joined college, there was an audition for a Capella singers in one of the college’s band. Being passionate about singing, I gave it a try and got selected. What I got in return, apart from pursuing something that I really enjoy, was a great set of friends with whom I get to jam together, create art and participate in various competitions.

Joining a club/society is a win-win, it doesn’t matter if it is technical or cultural. You get to work on something you found interesting, or you’ll learn new things and will gain valuable experiences. And in this process, you will find yourself surrounded by people with similar interests as you and will become great friends in the longer run.

4. Don’t limit yourself to the hostel room

Don't limit yourself to the hostel room - How to Make New Friends in College - A Simple Guide
If you don’t step out of your assigned dorm room, you are confining yourself to experiences and are missing out on everything hostel life is about! Socializing and networking are great skills that can really help you in the future, hence do not shy away if someone you know is asking you to hang out with them. You may get to know their friends, who might become closer to you too.

5. Pick up a sport!

Pick up a sport - How to Make New Friends in College - A Simple Guide

Do you play a sport? Are you passionate about playing? Then register yourself for the college team! Or simply hang out in the sports areas and try your luck with sports. Your teammates, the ones with who you’ll play, will become your best buddies and you guys share one common goal.

There are countless self-help books about making friends and socializing. But they are of no use unless you put yourself out there. Take the initiative, step out of your comfort zone, and see the wonders that could happen if you just be you!