How to make friends if you are an introvert? Best tips to keep your friendship intact


Are you an introvert and too shy to approach new people? Well, then definitely this article is for you! Have you ever wondered why making friends becomes harder in college than school?  If you are still a fresher in college and facing troubles, serious shade on your attitude, then just let go of the shell you are secluded in and be open to meeting new amazing people. College is supposed to be the best phase of your life after school. Now, the question arises on how to make friends? So here are some tips for you.

How to make friends if you are an introvert?

1. Why think when you can act?

Does talking to your family members or close friends requires efforts? Don’t try hard to fit in because the right people who will be your type will eventually break the ice. The thing about your personality should be extremely casual wearing its best suite. More importantly, the new people that you approach should have a positive impression of you to be yourself. If you are a little bit shy, then try to introduce yourself to we friends and try to talk more publicly because talking helps.

2. Why your body language is the most important factor?

If you have a stiff attitude, answering in just one word and talking very calculatingly so as to avoid conversations, then it is time for you to let go of your barriers. College is the time you make wonderful memories and it is the best opportunity to make friendships of a lifetime or just plain boring studies, your life after all!

3. Tune up the humor a bit, what say?

If you are all ‘Main hoon na‘ and ‘ kuch kuch hota hain‘, then buckle up for a bright prospect of making friends. Do you remember how Shahrukh Khan was all about a good sense of humour and enlightening everyone’s mood despite his personality! So it works in real life as well, your appearance is just a cover of the book and you are the entire book! So be a bit light and have a little faith.

4. Lighten up

You don’t have to carry the weight of the world on your shoulders while trying to make a new conversation. You can easily elucidate your opinions in your own way by not stressing on any topic whatsoever. Try to make a really light conversation with the new person and try to show interest in the topics discussed. Not that you have to agree with everything but you can always put your judgments aside to enable a greater prospect of making an equation.

5. You just don’t have to share everything initially!

Not everyone is going to match up to your mentality and sharing too much might be dangerous for someone you don’t know that well. It is good to keep your boundaries high and still remain cool about what impression you put on people. Getting the right people to enter your emotional space is the key to the prolonged bonding of our friendships.

However, there is nothing wrong with being an introvert, it is totally fine if you prefer to listen more and speak less. As some studies has proven that introverts are the most creative and intelligent people. So, embrace yourself as you are and don’t ever think that you are less than someone because everybody is the best in their own way