5 Rules to Live a Happier Life – How to live a happy life?


Life is a gift for us which is available to us only once. Therefore, it is said that we should live life to the fullest. If we worry much it reduces our lifespan as it puts a strain on our brain and life. As a result, we think too much about the issues and problems in our lives and we fail to see the good side of it. It causes an ill-effect on our health and we become sick very often. It reduces our ability to mix up ourselves socially and sometimes we can face mental depression due to the pressure and worries in our lives. Thus, we should follow these five simple rules to live a happy life.

First step towards a positive life

5 simple rules to live a happy life

1. Love yourself

No matter how many failures you face in your lives, it is important that you have that confidence in yourself and you love yourself throughout your lifespan. Loving yourself is the step towards loving your life. You should be happy with what you have and have belief in yourself about the work you do. If you love yourself, you will slowly develop positive vibes around you which will help you to look at the good in everything. It is the first step to take if you want to live a happy life.

2. Doing good deeds

Even if your enemies often hurt you or you face distress due to some obstinate people in your life, always remember if you counter attack you are destroying your own inner peace by doing this. This will result in constant bickering in which you will try to have your upper hand in this quarrel. Trust me, by behaving like this, you are surrounding yourself with negativity. You should always do good to others even if you don’t like them. You should also extend your help towards the needy and poor. This will give you a new sense of happiness and satisfaction.

Advice to younger self

3. Always Forgive

The power of forgiving someone is the most important quality that a person possesses. I know, it is difficult to forgive someone because you might have faced problems due to that person but forgiving solve the issues and you can have a healthy relationship with that person once again. Forgiving someone lightens your heart and you can live freely without any burden. As a result, you can live a happier and satisfied life.

4. Harm No one

Harming people by your words, actions and behaviour ignite the negative side of you and you become a really bad person. You may constantly try to harm other people as that will give you happiness. But that is not the spirit of humanity. The key towards being a better person lies in the fact that you should not hurt anyone by your doings. Revenge is a very sick behaviour and one should never try to walk on that path. God is the witness to everything and he may do whatever is right. So have faith and trust in God and most importantly believe in Karma, it works!

5. Be Positive

If you surround yourself with positive people, you will surely seek the right path in life. Stay away from people or situations which threaten to lower down your confidence and morale. These triggers in life constantly try to pull you down but you need to remain strong and firm. Be positive about the things happening in your life so as to have a positive mind and heart. A positive and relaxed mind is the key to good health. Whenever you feel that there is negativity around you, you should consider talking to a person who will motivate you and help you through it.

Step to build a positive attitude

We are aware of these 5 golden rules to live a happy life but we often ignore it because we are too busy in our lives and we try to imitate what others usually do. Believe me, if you follow these basic rules you will feel satiated from the bottom of your heart. These rules are the key which will help you improve your nature, behaviour and your existence as a whole. People will start loving you more than ever and you will definitely feel about your life in the end.

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