How to get admission in the Engineering Colleges Of Mumbai University?


In India, having an Engineering graduate as their son or daughter is literally the dream of every parent. Even if their child is endowed with a naturally-gifted knack for music, sports or writing or have the means to make it big in some other field or career, parents would still rather acknowledge them as employees slaving away in some companies. One won’t be startled to find potential singers, dancers or even presidents fighting their way through the never-ending horde of assignments and exams. Anyways, let’s not beat around the bush on this one and recoup our thoughts to the main topic.  University plays a vital role in shaping a ward’s future. A degree from an acclaimed university can do wonders and expedite the road towards gaining a job. One such well-known university is the Mumbai University in India. As Mumbai is the financial capital of India, companies flock to set their offices in the city. Needless to say, Mumbai University also houses many engineering colleges, some of which rank well in the country as well. So, let’s take a brief look at the various ways through which you could gain admission to these engineering colleges of  Mumbai University.

How to get admission in the Engineering Colleges Of Mumbai University

1. MHT-CET Exam

MHT CET Exam - How to get admission in the Engineering Colleges Of Mumbai University

MHT-CET abbreviated as Maharashtra State Common Entrance Test is a state-level engineering exam which serves as the most vital basis in order to gain admission in the state-level colleges of Maharashtra.  Now, Mumbai University, enjoys high MHT-CET cut-off right after Pune University, since Mumbai is home to some of the finest engineering colleges in Maharashtra, the torch-bearer of which is none other than VJTI(Veermata Jijabai Technological Institute). VJTI is the pride of Mumbai and a dream college for many engineering students out there. Coming to MHT-CET, the exam has overseen lots of changes during its recent years. The exam had even been cancelled for a couple of years, with JEE becoming the proprietor of selection. Needless to say, this led to a huge disagreement among many students and those years weren’t stark of chaos. So, the government decided to hit the nail on the head by bringing MHT-CET back into action. Speculations about the exam getting dismissed again in the near future are rife, though the prevalence of the same is equivalent to something heard through a grapevine. Right now, what matters is that MHT-CET is the main criteria for admission to Maharashtra engineering colleges.  The syllabus for MHT-CET  used to be the entire state-board syllabus for class 12. Basically, to clear the same with flying colours, one had to memorize and get through with the entire course of the textbook. This year’s(2018 that is) syllabus, however, oversaw a change wherein students had to get adept with their 11th-grade textbooks as well since the exam desired that questions be asked from both the grades. So, yeah attempting the MHT-CET at least, paves a way to getting a seat in these Mumbai University colleges. Having a good score in the same would, of course, add to the icing on the cake.

2. JEE Exam

JEE Exam - How to get admission in the Engineering Colleges Of Mumbai University

JEE abbreviated as the Joint Entrance Exams are the mainstream exams conducted throughout the country. It is the toughest engineering entrance exam in India and clearing the same requires determination, hard work and an absolute clarity of concepts. Though the main purpose of this exam is to help the meritorious students gain admission into the prestigious IITs, other institutes and colleges in India have also availed this exam as a criterion of admission. The MU list houses certain seats for students who can grab a seat in the colleges by virtue of the JEE exam. Now, the top Mumbai University colleges like VJTI, SPIT, SPCOE, KJSCE require a square of no less than 140(in JEE Mains Exam).  So, if you are targeting the IITs or the NIT’s, then you might as well put these MU colleges in your safe-locker as backups in case you don’t manage to make it to your dream colleges(IIT’s, that is).

3. Diploma Exam

Diploma Exam - How to get admission in the Engineering Colleges Of Mumbai University

Now, students appearing for the traditional 12th grade are not included in this. A diploma is a totally separate field in science that students opt for if they aren’t gaudy of learning subjects like physics and chemistry.  Now, let me give you an insight into this course:- Diploma is a 3-year course which is segregated into various fields such as Computer Science, Electronics and more. In nutshell, Diploma is like the baby-version of Engineering. Students who are ardent fans of their core streams and are eager to try their hands at core stuff early can get into Diploma right after their 10th grade. After completing your diploma for three years, one can directly gain admission into the second year of an engineering college, based on the overall percentage obtained and of course the cutoffs(A separate admission round is conducted by the government for this). I personally feel that having a go at diploma right after your 10th grade is much better than going for the typical, monotonous +2 system since the course offers a clear acumen in terms of the subjects, practicals and semesters. In fact, colleges like VJTI even reserve some seats for their top-scoring diploma students.

4. Higher Secondary Boards

Now, sometimes due to some unforeseen circumstances, it might not be conceivable for every student to appear for competitive exams. To comply with this, some engineering colleges in Mumbai do offer admissions on the basis of your 12th-grade scores. So, your 12th board syllabus(for Mumbai University) is nothing but your Maharashtra State level syllabus which is precisely the syllabus of the MHT-CET exam as well. Toppers and Merit-holders in the board exams might definitely get hold of some perks offered by the engineering colleges. Apart from that, these scores also relevant to admissions for post-graduate colleges, but let’s save that topic for some other day.

Now, all you need to do is score well in at least one of these exams in order to study in an engineering college of Mumbai University.

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