How to get a good TOEFL score – Tips to prepare for TOEFL


Test of English as a foreign language (Toefl) is one of the widely acknowledged English language tests in the world which is used to examine the English speaking ability of the immigrant students who wish to pursue their education across the academic institutions. Getting an excellent TOEFL score is perhaps a dream of many students, but only a handful applicants actually get to make the cut. In fact, there are many reasons, namely the lack of necessary practice, difficulty in understanding the pattern of questions, faulty time management and poor vocabulary which are usually accounted for the poor TOEFL score by the students.

So, if you’re an aspirant too who wishes to score some excellent numbers in the examination, then it’s time you tune in for the tips and tricks to crack the examination.

Tips to ensure an excellent TOEFL score

Practice all the way

Well, there ain’t any substitute for hard work. But, when you’re competing in an examination like TOEFL simply working hard won’t get you anywhere if you don’t resort to the necessary smart work. It might sound like a cliched option, but you will have to prepare a proper study routine and adhere to it at any expense to improve your TOEFL score.

Sign up for the TOEFL tests and try to take them on a weekly basis, followed by a proper examination of the questionnaire. Don’t take too many of them, as it won’t add to your knowledge unless you rectify your mistakes and don’t commit to them in the upcoming tests.

Be aware of the directions

You should be well versed with the directions of the test, as they come extremely useful in aiding you out during any writing or reading distress. One way to be highly familiar with the directions would be to take a lot of tests. Then again, the tests must be taken after a certain interval and will also depend upon your individual brilliance.

When you have an ample amount of experience with the tests, then you might not go through the directions prescribed in the tests, and a mere click on the continue button could actually add to your time for the answering the questions.

Try to make sure that the instructions are properly essayed. For instance, if it’s mentioned to include reasons to back up your answer, then do include some examples and reasons. Every point that you make followed by valid examples will surely help you get an edge over the other applicants.

Keep a check on the clock!

Time’s pretty precious. If you aren’t able to get the particular meaning of any word, then it would be better if you skip it and attempt later. Don’t waste time on petty questions if you know there are some more vital ones that need addressing. A good typing ability would surely come handy in such situations.

Develop a command over writing and speaking abilities. In order to develop a grip over your writing and speaking abilities, you’d have to rope in for the services of a partner who possess good command over English.

In case you don’t have a partner to assist you with the English learnings, you can practice speaking to yourself, record the audio or video clippings and then ask for a feedback from your English assistant at a later duration. As a matter of fact, you can write some sample articles pertaining to your choice of interest and get them rectified at regular intervals to develop your writing abilities.

Shrug off the nervousness

You mustn’t worry too much about the outcome of the examination. At times, students worry way more than necessary and end up making some major blunders in the process. Try to remain as calm and composed as possible. Though it’s easier said than done, one must have a control over the nerves. The only way you could tackle off the nervousness is by undergoing sufficient practice tests.

Remember, it ain’t a test for your knowledge or the opinions. It’s a strictly language based test. With these tips in mind, get started on your study plan. Write it down and post it somewhere so you can see it every day. Remember that language skills don’t improve overnight, but you can certainly make every day count!

Final Thoughts

I hope now you have a clear picture on how you could work on your TOEFL score. I can guarantee you, that these 5 tips would surely help you in not only getting past the required total but also assist you in prancing your way into some of the top institutions.

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