How to dress for an Interview – Interview tips for Freshers


After you have made a resume to be more employable and got a call for your first internship then what to do? An interview is your chance to make an everlasting impression on your potential employer. Except for technical skills and communication skills, your fashion quotient too plays a major role. One must be dressed up like his/her boss. While entering the interviewer’s room, you must keep one thing incredibly important in mind that is the first impression, henceforth dressing up neat and tidily for an interview is of utmost importance. Being at your best is a must. Here are a few tips on how to dress for an interview.

Here are few tips as to how to dress for an interview

 A few tips on how to dress for an interview for Men

A suit should be worn. A suit, in simple language, is a set of clothes. Matching jacket and pants, shirt, tie, socks and dress shoes are the attire that should be followed. Your suit should be comfortable so that you are at your ease during the interview.

  • Soothing colors must be chosen.
  • Clothes should be nicely washed and ironed.
  • Deodorants should be used in a limit.
  • Your hair must be neat and clean.
  • The full beard should be nicely trimmed.
  • If you shave, make sure you shave in the morning before leaving for the interview.
  • Shoes should be polished well and in good condition, since personality is judged by the shoes of the man in many cases
  • Shoes should be matching with your belt
  • Smoking just before the interview is a big no.
  • If you are in your proper attire, it would increase your confidence level
  • Dressing up properly would also show gratitude towards the interviewer and the organization certain level of discipline would be shown by you which would leave a positive impact on the interviewer

Above mentioned are not strict rules to be followed but they are just tips or you can say guidelines that should be followed in the professional world.

A few tips on how to dress for an interview for Women

  • Usually, pants, suit, skirts are worn while going for an interview.
  • Tight clothes are a strict NO.
  • Any of the above-mentioned attire should be comfortable and be relaxing while giving the interview.
  • Neat and clean tailored clothes should be worn.
  • Bright colors and short dresses should be avoided as they don’t give a good impression to the interviewer.
  • Simplicity and being modest at its best should be at the back of your mind while dressing up for the interview.
  • Knee length skirts should be preferred.
  • Do not wear low-cut or animal printed stuff.
  • Subtle colored nail paints would look good and decent.
  • Make-up should match your skin tone. Do not overdo your make up since it would look as if you are going to attend some marriage function.
  • Jewelry should be the least; one ring per hand is good enough.
  • Hair accessories should be minimal.
  • Flashy items should be avoided.
  • Footwear should be worn in which you are comfortable preferably low heels.
  • Dress –up should be such that it should fit in for the position you are applying for
  • Your dress should be neat and clean and ironed.
  • Bobby-pins, banana clip, bright –colored elastic bands are a big NO. Hairdo changes the look and gives a shape to your personality, henceforth special attention should be given to it before you leave for the interview. The main motive should be to look professional.
  • Perfumes should be avoided. Instead, deodorants should be preferred instead after taking shower in the morning.
  • Sleep at least for eight hours at night so that you look fresh from mind and face in the morning.
  • Clean and manicured nails should be maintained.
  • Try to cover tattoos since they look quite unprofessional.

You may not have to dress like this day when you join the organization, but one should show mannerism and professionalism and invest time on dressing sense as I wrote above the first impression is an important factor while attending an interview. Moreover, these may sound like some strict rules, but these are only guidelines while deciding as to what one should wear while attending an interview. These are basically for guidance and certain tips which help to dress professionally. One need not feel shy to check with the person scheduling the interview if you are not sure as to what to wear while going for the interview.

Special attention to phone addicts- It is important to keep the cell phone on vibration mode or rather switch it off until the end of the interview since it is necessary to avoid distraction by the loud voice or text message or a phone call in the middle of the interview, it’s a complete distraction of mind.

Remember always wear a million dollar smile on your face. Your smile creates a positive environment and leaves a positive impact on the interviewer.

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