How to Develop a Positive Attitude | Steps to build positive attitude and lead a happy life


“Attitude is like a Chewing gum, The less of it brings you mockery, The more of it brings you suggestions”.

A dictionary defines attitude as ” manner, disposition, feeling, position, etc., about a person or thing; tendency or orientation, especially of the mind “. Attitude can be defined as a way in which an individual behave/react/responds towards a thing or person. Attitude determines what kind of person one is. We can say that “attitude reflects one’s personality”.

Positive and Negative attitude

Positive attitude is like sunlight, wherever it goes it illuminates the darkness and enlights the whole surrounding giving it a new life.

Negative attitude is like a superstition or a myth, it eats up everything around it and led to destruction and ruins the life. It is said that “one rotten mango spoils the entire basket”, a negative attitude works in a similar way.

People with different attitudes

People with a positive attitude always think positive and remains positive. They handle every situation with their intelligence and always make a way out of the problems. They spread the power of positivity and focuses on the solution of the problem instead of criticizing others or blaming the situation. A person with a Positive attitude face every situation with confidence.

They believe in efforts rather than leaving everything towards fate. A single person is enough to make a difference. If one person is positive, he/she can change the mindset of many. People with a positive attitude are good speakers, great advisors, a logical thinker, a light-hearted. Such people prove to be fruitful and become the asset to the whole society.

On the other hand, a person with a negative attitude finds everything at fault and is full of complaints. He/she is full of grievances and is a troublemaker. He/she always objects to the opinions and curses fate or circumstances thereby charging them allegations. He/she is unable to tackle the situations and put criticisms upon others or to the fate itself. A person with a negative attitude is a liability to the society.

Factors affecting attitude

Factors affecting attitude

Attitude is not a standalone entity, it had many factors which governs it. Condition of a person, the surrounding they belong to, mindset, their upbringing and the willingness with which a person face a situation all these factors are the parts of a composite entity attitude.

How to develop a Positive attitude?

  • Whenever you feel shaky or depressed and you are on the verge of looking things down, take a deep breath and start analysing the situation around you. Determine the causes of it, its outcomes, it benefits. Try avoiding finding flaws in the situation or blaming it. Always remember if something happens to you, it’s because of you! ” Blaming the situation instead can satisfy you, it will not make you grow“.
  • Meditation is a good pill for negative attitude. Try meditating for a while when you are lost in the world of yourself with negative vibes. It will help you to calm your mind.
  • “Confront the negative vibes, tell them you are not alone, you are facing them with enough power of positivity.” Running away from a situation will never help you, face it.
  • Don’t allow negative vibes around you. Surround yourself with the power of positivity.
  • Wide your field of vision. Look at things in a different way. It isn’t about changing the perspective but shifting your knowledge towards a greater dimension.

Apply some of these in your day-to-day life on a regular basis and try finding your own ways to deal with your problems, that way it will seem easier.