How to deal with stress? Way to overcome stress and anxiety


Every day, we face a fresh lot of problems in our daily life which frightens us with its consequences. We fear to take a step ahead as we are not sure how our decision would affect our lives. As a result, we undergo a situation known as stress and anxiety. Stress and Anxiety are two words with different meanings but their ultimate result would be Depression. It is necessary to keep  Stress and Anxiety at bay because once a person goes into depression, the person takes a very long time to return to his normal life again. Therefore, it important to control your stress and anxiety levels from the start itself. It is essential for the students to stay away from stress as dealing with stress at a very young age would prove to be fatal for their years ahead. Here are some tips on how to deal with stress.

How to deal with stress?

1. Talk To Someone.

Talk to someone - How to deal with stress - Way to overcome stress and anxiety

Whenever you feel lonely or demotivated, it is important to have a conversation with someone about it. It helps you in building your self-confidence and allows you to think good about yourself. Also, sometimes sharing your problem with someone makes you feel relieved and less burdened.

2. Learn To Say ‘No’!

Learn to say no - How to deal with stress - Way to overcome stress and anxiety

Often you feel stressed up due to the number of commitments you have towards the people around you. This may happen because you might feel a little awkward to say No when someone asks for a favour. You need to set your boundaries and learn to say No politely so that you do not become stressed with an unnecessary load.

3. Dance and Music

Dance and music - How to deal with stress - Way to overcome stress and anxiety

You can always consider listening to your favourite songs or those songs which instantly makes your mood lighten up. Lying on your bed and listening to some soothing music can also help you relieve your stress and anxiety. The craziest yet impactful option is to lock yourself in your bedroom alone or with your best friend and play an energetic party number and start grooving to it unless you are tired. This really helps in forgetting the problems for some time and makes you feel happy and cheerful.

4. Watch A Movie

Watch a movie - How to deal with stress - Way to overcome stress and anxiety

Here, I would recommend you to watch a comedy movie which will lift up your mood and will actually help you to keep your worries at a side. As you laugh and smile hearing the dialogues or watching the movie scenes, the happiness hormone is generated in your body which makes feel contended and glad. I would suggest you watch some of the comedy movies of Akshay Kumar as he is a brilliant actor where comedy is concerned.

5. Watch BK Shivani’s Videos

Shivani Verma also known as Brahma Kumari Shivani or Sister Shivani is a teacher at Brahma Kumari World’s Spiritual University. She conducts motivational and inspiring speeches for people in seminars or through television programmes. You can find many videos on youtube delivered by her on various walks of life. The main power of her speech lies in her voice as it is very soothing and relaxed. You may actually feel good listening to her and you will surely wish to listen to her continuously for hours and hours.

6. Have a Good Sleep

Have a good sleep - How to deal with stress - Way to overcome stress and anxiety

It is very important to have a complete 8 hours sleep in a day as suggested by doctors. If you do not sleep properly, you become tired very soon. As a result, you are not able to complete your work and commitments which will lead to worry and tension. Having a good sleep freshens up your mind and you can concentrate on things properly.

7. Hanging out with Friends and Family.

Hanging out with friends and family - How to deal with stress - Way to overcome stress and anxiety

Our family and friends play a major role in moulding our life and personality because they are the ones who are constantly around us throughout the day. Rather than being alone and cribbing about your life, spend time with them. They will make you smile, forget your pain and worries and make u cheerful. Having a family outing or a night out with friends can help you distract yourself from the stress you are going through.

8. Pamper Yourself

Pamper yourself - How to deal with stress - Way to overcome stress and anxiety

Pick out a day from your busy schedule and make time for yourself. Go on a shopping spree, get a manicure and pedicure treatment and the most recommended is to get a spa treatment. It will help to soothe your nerves and make you feel 10 times better and relaxed. It will also boost up your self-esteem so now you can face the problems with a clear and confident mind.

9. Yoga and Exercise


Yoga and Exercise - How to deal with stress - Way to overcome stress and anxiety

Indulge yourself in some physical activity which will divert your mind from your current worries. When you are into some physical activity your mind is focussed on completing the activity gracefully which will help to bring down your stress levels. Try some yoga poses which are in the picture above to get a relief from stress and anxiety. Working out in a gym may also prove to be beneficial.

These are some of the basic tips for reducing your stress and anxiety. Of course, one can also indulge themselves in their favourite pastimes and give time to their hobbies to get a relief from stress. Now that you know what is to be done when you are stressed out, I am sure you will permanently kick out stress from your life.

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