How to choose the perfect college? Things you need to before getting admission


“Life is a race, if you don’t run fast, you will be like a broken egg!” I am sure, this dialogue by Mr Viru Sahaskar Buddhe a.k.a. VIRUS played by Mr Boman Irani in the movie 3 Idiots, was enjoyed by all of us everytime he delivered it in his funny manner. But have we ever thought beyond the context of this movie? Isn’t this sentence applicable in real lives too where we constantly try to compete with each other in order to be better than others? Yes, it does. We all are in the race to conquer new heights every day and we try to seek what is more feasible rather than what is more desirable. As a part of this, students are in a dilemma about the numerous options they get for colleges while seeking admission. But, how to choose the perfect college? here, you can find out what are the right steps in selecting the best college which gives a perfect start to your career.

How to choose the perfect college?

1. Field of Interest

What if you go to a restaurant and order some food, but then you regret your decision about the food order? Does this happen to us in our lives too? The answer is a big YES! We often take hasty decisions in life and then later on when we actually try to live up to the expectations of our decision, we regret it. So, as a first step in choosing a career, the most important thing is to have an interest in your field of study. If you aren’t sure about your career, you must list down all the career options that interest you. Then you must see which will be the best option according to the factors surrounding you or the option which can be performed by you in the best manner. If you have nothing in mind, take ideas from your hobbies which can ultimately lead you to shape your career. Do what interests you, which makes you happy and satisfied rather than going with the flow.

2. Scope

After choosing your field of interest, you need to determine whether your line of study has scope in the city or country where you are residing. This is applicable where you wish to earn a good chunk of money through your chosen career, which I believe every one wishes to, but if your career option is not in demand in your city then its time to have a second thought. You need to identify and carry out research on the scope of your career option where you are currently living and decide accordingly. But if you are really keen on pursuing your interest and you have access to finance or financial aid, you can always consider moving to a different city or country where you find the scope of your study.

3. Place of Study

After having a complete research about the scope of your career in various cities and country your next step is to finalize the city or the country where you are going to pursue your career and if possible migrate too. If your career has a demand in your country then obviously there is no need to move. But If you are thinking to migrate, you need to have certain things in mind before taking any decision. Firstly, money will be needed if you are planning to go abroad so I believe you should have enough funds for the same. As you are going to a new place, it’s better to have a research about the place and of course, your stay should be taken care of.

4. Relevant Colleges

The next step is to list down all the best colleges who offer the course of study chosen by you. Here, the thing to be noted is that a college plays a very important role in a student’s life as they have the responsibility of grooming them and making them all set for their future. Cut down your list to the colleges most preferred by you. The selection can be made on the basis of Cut off marks, locality, popularity, distance from your house etc. After doing this, you need to research on the colleges you have finally listed. This will help you in getting acquainted with the college’s operations and their working. Also, one can ask their friends or relatives about the same which will help you in getting to your final decision.

5. College Application

The last step is to apply in your desired colleges after you have listed down the preferable colleges. Make sure you fill out the application form cautiously and go through the rules and regulations of each college since every college has their own set of disciplinaries. Also, to be on a safer side, apply in a few more colleges if needed, if at all you don’t get admission in your desired college. It is better to do so in advance rather than cribbing about it later.

After reading this guide for acing your college admission, I am sure you will nail your admissions and get into the best college. The best part is you will be happy and contented with your decision where you wouldn’t constantly look back and regret. Instead, you will be confident enough to face your fears and exploit the opportunities which may come your way.

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