How to become more employable? | Top 5 skills employers look for in a candidate


Finding difficulty in getting a job? Do the constant failures of getting rejected bug you? Want to improve your chances of selection? Want to look more employable? Want to know those skills that would make you the best amongst the rest? If yes, then my friend, you are in the right place. By the end of this article, you would come to terms with 5 skills that would make you appear as a more employable candidate than your counterparts, and in the process, help you land on your dream job. Here are some tips on how to become more employable.

How to become more employable

Strong communication skills

Strong Communication skills - How to become more employable - Top 5 skills employers look for in a candidate

The first and foremost thing that an employer looks at any candidate’s resume, is their style of communication. Effective communication skills go a long way in putting a positive impression on your employer. And mind you,  communication skills here strictly mean to your command over English as a language. Most of the companies have English as their medium of communication.

You wouldn’t want to appear as a Layman, even after possessing the skills needed for the selection, just because you happened to have poor communication skill. Your knowledge won’t of any worth if you don’t know how to present it. Your choice of words plays a huge role in making an impact on your employer.

Problem-solving ability

Problem Solving Ability - How to become more employable - Top 5 skills employers look for in a candidate

Every individual who gets hired by any organisation, be it as an intern or as a full-time professional, is brought in with the intent of solving problems pertaining to a particular domain.  Employers actively look for the candidate’s problem-solving ability, by putting them under hypothetical situations which either bring out the best from them or gets their nerves within seconds.

Actually, your problem-solving skills are a clubbed version of your logical skills and critical thinking ability, which tells the employer your approach towards a particular situation. The employer doesn’t expect you to deliver a correct solution, they only look for the mindset you opted, while reaching the necessary solution.

Management skills

Management Skills - How to become more employable - Top 5 skills employers look for in a candidate

In this fast-paced competitive World, the only thing that will ensure your survival is your time management skill. How efficiently, yet quickly you are able to finish off your tasks with absolute perfection, determine your chances of success in an organisation.

No organisation would want to hire interns who look for constant slacks or happen to be experts in procrastinating the acts. Your professional life and personal life must be kept different, and not meddled at any expense. At the same time, the work entrusted upon you must meet the required needs.

Proper time management skills will decide how you execute your work ethics, logical thinking, problem-solving ability, and man-management ability.

Technology skills are a must in today’s World

Technology Skills - How to become more employable - Top 5 skills employers look for in a candidate

Basic technology skills are a must in many internships and full-time roles. In fact, technology skills could be termed as a prerequisite for many job positions.  Most of the organizations look for individuals who are well versed with the usage of basic computer skills, namely-

  • Microsoft office skills
  • Presentation skills
  • Database skills
  • Computer or any storage device knowledge, installation and execution
  • Computer network  and security knowledge
  • Web development skills

One of the key features- Research & analysis ability

Research and analysis ability - How to become more employable - Top 5 skills employers look for in a candidate

This is perhaps one of the most vital skills that one must possess, as it would account for your success in grueling situations which require an extensive amount of research on a particular subject. In fact, one must feel proud of oneself, if well versed in the art of research and analysis.

It requires searching for information about a particular subject from multiple sets of sources, drawing out the key features, thinking extensively and out of the box on such chalked out information and analysing whether the information matches to your work’s needs. Hats off to those individuals who are an expert in research and analysis.


These 5 skills when coupled together, make you an irresistible candidate. The moment employers get a hold of these skills in your interaction with them, the chances of your selection soar to higher levels. Many candidates mention these skills under separate headings, thinking it would help the employers in zeroing down on their selection.  What they don’t realize, is that simply mentioning these abilities won’t help, unless, the candidates actually possess those skills.

Remember, Employers can easily make out whether the skills or information that you’ve mentioned in your resume is either true or false, in a minute’s interval.  Few tricky questions and you’re dead fish.  So, if you want to look more employable, you better start working on these skills and mark my words, your chances of getting employed in your dream company would automatically improve to a large extent