Do’s and Don’ts to become a fashion icon in the college | Style lessons for becoming a fashion icon


Shabbily and they remember the dress; dress impeccably and they remember the woman. – Coco Chanel

Fashion is about breaking barriers and that’s exactly you gonna do. Wanna be a fashion icon and brag in your college? Well, all you need to know is few tricks. Firstly, you should know that fashion is not only wearing branded clothes but more about how you carry them, about your personality, how much confident you are. Make sure you don’t disguise people.

Do’s and Don’ts to become a Fashion Icon

Here are few do’s and don’ts which every girl should know especially college going girls or if she wants to become a fashion icon.

  1. So the first thing, you should do to become a fashion icon is to delve around in your college and notice how other girls are representing themselves. When you’ll do that you will find various kind of girls, some will be dressed with ” I don’t care” attitude, some will make you laugh with their grotesque appearances and many more.
  2. Second, grab more knowledge, you should not be an oblivion to latest trend. Read fashion magazines, follow celebrities so that you are aware of all the latest news which is flooding the internet.
  3. Third thing, you should do is to always remember to carry your sunglasses during summers, even if your outfit is not up to the level, it will enhance it and maintain the level. In winters, cool jackets will eventually make you distinctive and try to use scarf smartly tied on your neck. The combination of a scarf and a jacket always works.
  4. Fourth thing , make more uses of belts. Belts are the safest option when you feel your outfit is incomplete. you can use different kind of belts plain colored or printed but should be used in different ways.
  5. Fifth thing which you should do is to avoid using make-up on daily basis. Fashion icon doesn’t mean putting layers of makeup. There are two reason for avoiding make-up on daily basis. First, we are unaware about the repercussions of these products. Second, you will no longer look unique and distinctive on special occasions if you use daily. Dress yourself in such a way that you don’t need makeup to look beautiful and mesmerizing.
  6. Sixth, always wear things that are evergreen and elegant, that will make you look classy and fabulous. The more you look good and perfect, the more people will babble about you.

You should dress like, you are going to meet your worst enemy. Your way of dressing will tell a lot about you, your choice, your mood and many more things. Whatever you wear just be confident about it.

Now the question comes, from where we should go shopping to look best and to be the fashion icon? Well then, one should be a smart customer or smart buyer so that you don’t repent afterward.

  1. Sarojini Nagar located in South Delhi is one of the economical and famous markets for street shopping, it is actually famous for stylish and cool tops, they are available at amazing prices. As girls usually have a habit of not repeating their clothes so it is the best option for tops and kurtis. It is also known for junk jewellery, there are hundreds of varieties available for junk jewellery at economical prices.
  2. Zara is a famous brand located in almost every city. It is best for lowers and formal wears, their products are of amazing quality, jeggings and denims are best buys from Zara.
  3. You can also go for Forever 21, it is also a famous brand and located in almost every city. The quality of their clothes are also of amazing quality. And the best part is that it is the trendiest store with affordable prices.

Mix shopping should be done from street and malls so that one has a variety of everything. Well, at the end you should be happy with your looks, you should be satisfied.