How to be resourceful in college | How to use the resources in college?


How well do you use your college library?

Do I use it? It is a question that I ask myself as an engineering student and would also like to ask all the engineering/medical students. We are provided with numerous sources by our institute to gain knowledge. But, do we use them in an appropriate manner? How to be resourceful in college?
Library and laboratory are the two places where a student can spend his/her time after the coursework schedule for the day has been completed. This article gives you a brief explanation of the usage of the library. Some of the major sources a library gives are the newspapers, magazines, textbooks and technical papers. Here is how you can make use of these sources.


1. Newspaper

Many of you might have a question that newspaper a resource? or Why go to the library when I can read it on my phone? Yes, no doubt we can read a newspaper on the mobile phone itself. But going to a library, reading a newspaper there would give you a proper atmosphere required. Apart from gaining knowledge about various things happening around the globe, it will also help strengthen your skills of reading. It would also not strain your eyes unlike reading on a mobile may strain your eyes.

2. Magazines

Magazines here refer to two types of magazines they are the general ones and the technical ones. General magazines would give you an update of every field. The technical magazines in your field will keep you updated about the new innovations taking place in the industries and also the innovations to be done in future.

3. Textbook

A textbook is a must read for every student. To date, there still exist students who hesitate to study from a textbook. Library provides us with various textbooks for every subject by various authors. Reading a textbook would make your basics strong and your concepts clear. Make your own notes by reading the textbook, this will also be a practice. Writing notes in your own words will make it simpler for you to grasp the concept. Practising problems with various textbooks will enhance your capability to reduce the mistakes you commit.

4. Technical Papers

Last but not the least technical papers are the most useful source of learning. Many of us come across these technical papers when we are about to start with our project work. This is where we do a mistake. It advisable to make a habit of reading these technical papers as frequently as possible. Initially, you might find it difficult to understand the technical language used in the paper but reading these papers often will make it easier for understanding. Reading technical papers makes you know your exact field of interest. Depending on your field of interest you can further proceed with a detailed study on that topic. Studying technical papers will also keep you updated in the research field of your choice which will be helpful in future.

Use all these sources to upgrade your knowledge, and always keep in mind knowledge once gained is never lost. Keep up the spirit and manage your time for this important activity in gaining knowledge as “Knowledge is itself power”

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