Hostel Life and Hacks to have fun | Enjoy your College and Hostel life


A journey is a journey no matter how it is led

‘Home’ and ‘Hostel’ both begins with the same alphabet ‘H’. However, both depict an entirely different scenario. Neither they can be compared nor they can be called as equivalent. Hostel life is a perfect life of mess, responsibility, enjoyment and freedom. It encapsulates all the emotions whether it is happiness or tranquillity. If it gives you the license to Freedom then it makes sure to put on a constraint like responsibility. It seems easy and fun but it isn’t. Hostel life is not so easy that you can just go with the flow.
Research says people who reside in hostels are likely to suffer from depression, anxiety, loneliness, overthinking and all sorts of psychological things. However, it doesn’t mean that the ones who reside in their permanent correspondence are more aware or didn’t suffer from these conditions. The focus should be laid upon the fact that some feel alone even in the crowd. Now, all these depend upon the mind, if your mind is healthy then so will be you.

Living in a hostel becomes easy once you know how to adapt and the hacks to have fun. You must have heard the theory, “Survival of the fittest”. The theory itself tells, One who can adapt and react to change in a positive way will surely have a long way.

Hence, if you want your life to become easy, realistic and more living then you must know some of the hacks to have fun and live in the surrounding.
Let’s have a look at some of this hacks and know how this hacks can bring fun.

  • Learn to accept others the way there are:¬†It will help you to keep control on yourself.
  • Don’t expect: It may seem nothing, but it is the root cause to all the sufferings youngsters suffer. If you want to be happy, the first thing you should know is “Expectations brings Sufferings, get rid of them”.
  • Speak it out: Half of your problems becomes bigger either because you don’t want to speak about it or you don’t possess enough courage to speak it to the desired person
  • Socialise with people: Go on outings, movies and sometimes just to revive yourself with the people you trust, your friends. Just sitting alone in a corner, at looking at the happiness of other people will make your feel jealous and inferior. So, get some fresh air whenever you feel a bit clumsy.
  • Share your emotions: All of it starts with your roommate, start it with your roommate, allow yourself to share your sadness and happiness with them, they might not feel, but will make sure to comfort you.
  • Do little things which make you happy:¬†Various activities such as sitting together with your roommates and watching a movie together, or cooperating each other in their works, or eating out altogether, or fight like Tom and Jerry, add happiness to your hostel and college life in a positive way.
  • Never calculate happiness, it can’t be estimated.

Try adapting to these hacks and inculcating in your lives. You will surely find some good results. Having little fun is more enough than having No fun at all.