Harmful Daily Habits | Daily Practises which can Damage your Brain


The main organ of our body i.e. our brain controls the functioning of our body and allows us to perform various activities of our daily life. Our brain co-ordinates the functions of various internal organs of our body and enables them to carry out their work which indeed helps us in maintaining a healthy and active body. If by any reason our brain stops working, the effect is seen in all other organs since their main leader has stopped giving them the required instructions and guidance. On a daily basis, there are certain things and activities that we perform can cause significant harm to our brain cells. It is essential that we avoid these things and take proper care of our brain to ensure a long and healthy life and mental well-being. Here are some harmful daily habits which you should try to avoid.

Harmful Daily Habits


Perfume - Harmful Daily Habits-Daily Practises which can Damage your Brain

Yes! You will be shocked to know that perfumes and fragrances are made from harmful substances which damage your brain cells if they are used on a regular basis. Perfumes contain a toxic chemical composition which goes up through your olfactory senses to your brain cells and causes destruction to your brain in a long run. Perfumes may be cheap or expensive, but the damage done is the same.

2. Too much Salt

too much salt - Harmful Daily Habits-Daily Practises which can Damage your Brain

Having too much salt in your daily diet can cause havoc in the working of your brain. Salt causes a rise in blood pressure leading to hypertension. This can further cause an imbalance in the cells of the brain due to high BP in the long run. Such people are also are at a risk of Stroke further damaging the brain. Therefore, it is advised that people above the age of 30 should start consuming less salt to prevent any kind of damage. Though it can be a little difficult as food does not taste great without the proper amount of salt, but steadily it becomes a habit and extends your lifespan.

3. Junk food

Junk Food - Harmful Daily Habits-Daily Practises which can Damage your Brain

Eating too much fast food can cause your brain connections to loosen up and it affects your capacity to carry out your work efficiently. Overeating and constant junk food in your meals can negatively affect your healthy and fit body. Fast foods have certain elements which can cause depression and you may be attracted to eat more of them.

4. Icecream

Ice cream - Harmful Daily Habits-Daily Practises which can Damage your Brain

Any cold food, as a matter of fact, can cause a headache. This happens because the blood vessels become narrow when any cold food such as ice cream is consumed. To prevent this, the body sends warm blood to the brain. Due to the sudden change and movement of blood at different temperatures, our brain cells are not able to withstand such a condition and therefore we suffer from a headache.

5. Lack of communication


Communication facilitates our ability to hear and to be heard. Having a 10 to 15 minutes conversation or a casual talk with someone can stimulate your brain cells and can give them the required break and energy. The conversation can be with anyone close to you including your parents, relatives, colleagues, friends etc. It develops your mental ability and makes your brain healthy.

6. Skipping breakfast

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The people who have a proper tummy full breakfast perform better in their academics and at work since they have the required amount of energy flowing into their blood and brain cells. They can concentrate better on the things in their hands because they have the much-needed energy to do so. Whereas people who skip their breakfast have low blood glucose and energy levels which can produce negative results.

7. Smartphones

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The study of the doctors and scientists reveal that there is a strong relationship between brain cancer and the use of smartphones. Smartphones transmit such harmful waves which can cause damage to your brain cells and affect the smooth functioning of the brain. When we talk over smartphones, it is the closest to our brain. Therefore, if a person talks too much over phones or his business or work demands so, it is advisable to use speakerphones or headset to avoid the inevitable damage to your brain.

8. Covering your head while sleeping

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Most of us cover ourselves from head to toe while sleeping. When we cover our heads while sleeping, we are limiting the amount of fresh oxygen to enter our body. While our heads are covered, we take in the already saturated air which is present around us. This can result in the improper functioning of our brain cells since they need a good amount of fresh oxygen to perform well.

Now that you know well which known things and practices can cause damage to your brain, it is suggested that you take proper actions against these things and be careful. It is your brain because of which you are walking, talking, working, playing, chilling etc, so well organised activities for your brain can prolong its life and obviously, yours too!

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