Happiness is the Key to Success | Interesting tale by an Ambitious student


We all get depressed or sad whenever someone talks about career planning or future planning.

It happens with everybody when our relatives ask us:” Beta! What have you decided? What will you do?” and we reply with a forceful smile “I have not decided yet.” and then we start thinking, “What should Ido?”.

We ask ourselves that why I don”t have any inborn talent like my friends??, we feel drossy and useless.

So when you don’t know what you have to do, all you need to do is to see what you are good at, just close your eyes and think.
In this world of competition and race, we all are running, running blindly for no reason, running to win the race. Every parent wants his/her child to excel and do his/her best but nobody cares what ultimately a person wants. Just give a minute to yourself and ask “Whatever I’m doing am I happy with it??” I’m sure you must be thinking about this right now.

We are so lost in our lives that we’ve forgotten how to be happy. We all should know that whatever we’re doing or whatever we’ll do, it should make us happy and satisfied. One should always choose a career or profession in which he/she has interest, he/she knows that he will excel and ultimately be satisfied.

According to a survey conducted, four people out of ten say that they aren’t happy with their jobs and two out of four people say that they are doing it because their parents want them to.

Is any work worth doing if it is done disheartendly? just ask yourself. Following your dreams can change your whole life, ultimately what you’ll get is happiness and satisfaction. Do what your heart wants you to do, so that when you’ll reach your old age, you don’t regret not choosing your passion and choosing a path which may have bought living but not happiness.

We’ve all got just one life, and there are so many things to do. Maybe the society won’t accept you, maybe you have to face a lot of difficulties and problems during your journey but it will all be worth it, at the end what will matter is your happiness, you will be the one who’s happy with his/her life. And if you are doing really good in your work and if you get successful, everybody will accept you.

What do you think when you see Dhoni hitting six in the field or Armaan Malik rocking the show? They all are known for their passion in their respective fields. If they can dream big and achieve it, then why can’t you? They all had to climb the stairs of success, nothing was served them on a plate.

All you need is a passion for something and dedication, you’ll be unstoppable, nothing would be able to stop you.There will be lot of hurdles but you need to stay strong and cross them. Once you’ll achieve what you dreamt you will be the happiest person on this planet and that feeling will take you to cloud nine. You will be proud of yourself and so do your family will. Happiness will be around your corners.

Staying happy also adds flavour to your life, you live your life to the fullest when you’re happy. The ultimate goal of life is to be happy with whatever you have, whatever you’re doing, wherever you are or no matter what the situation is.
Happiness will give you strength to face every problem in your life, it will make you stronger each day. Doctors also say happiness is the cure for every disease, it will not add days to your life but definately life to your days. We should learn how to be happy or find out ways to be happy and ultimately it will be you who will make yourself happy not others. Lets we should all pledge together to make our surroundings full of happiness.