Hamstech Institute – Diploma Courses in Interior Designing and Photography


Apart from Fashion Designing, Hamstech Institute offers courses in both photography and Interior designing. There is a rise in the number of people opting for creative courses as it is lucrative and is challenging. These days there are also many shows focusing on the creativity of an individual and Hamstech Institute offers courses for some off-beat career options.

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Courses offered at Hamstech Institute

Interior Designing

Interior Designing is both art and science to enhance the area of living or working by customizing according to the needs of the client along with providing a space that is usable and maximized to the possibility. It is also the art of making living spaces look aesthetically pleasing. The different courses offered by the Hamstech Institute are

Diploma in Interior Designing

The main aim of this course is to help the candidate to understand the basic skills and awareness in different aspects relating to Interior Design. This course deals with how a candidate should be able to optimally utilize the available materials and also teaches the methods of construction and basic principles and elements of design. Computer-aided design software helps the students to tune their designing skills. It helps the students to understand the fine points necessary for working with interiors also give an understanding of dealing with architectural and conceptual aspects of creating. The candidates who completed their intermediate are qualified for this 2-year course.

One year Diploma in Interior Designing

As the name suggests it is a 1-year diploma program and the candidates who have passed their 10th grade are eligible. It is a studio-based environment that teaches different aspects of interior design. This course provides an advanced knowledge that helps the student to have a better grasp of the concept of design mechanics and principles

Weekend Courses in Interior Designing

This is also a one year program for students who have qualified their intermediate. It is useful for homemakers, working professionals and other enthusiastic candidates who wish to hone their skills in designing and wish to learn about management of space. There is a chance for the candidates to interact with Ms. Shabnam Gupta, a renowned celebrity interior designer.

Career Opportunities

The interior designing course motivates the student and helps them to pursue the following careers

Interior Designers
Interior Decorators
Furniture Designers
Consultancy Services
Set Designers
Project Managers
Store Window Designers and Freelancers.


Photography is the art of capturing those precious and delicate moments in our life that are dear to us. We can even develop our passion and make it into our career path. The different courses being offered at Hamstech are

Certificate Courses in Photography

Candidates who have passed 10th grade are eligible for this one year program. This course is designed to provide an opportunity to develop the candidate’s knowledge and skill in photography within a short duration.

Short Term Courses in Photography

This is a 3-month course and those who have passed 10th or intermediate are qualified. This is designed to guide the candidate by developing their skills and knowledge and also helps to hone them. Even though it is designed for a short period of time it also teaches the technical elements in photography.

Weekend Courses in Photography

 This is useful for students, working professionals, homemakers and others interested in honing their photography skills. The students might get an opportunity to be tutored by the famous celebrity photographer Avinash Gowariker. This is a one year course and those who have passed either 10th or intermediate are eligible.

The above courses will help the students to understand the art more closely and also help in providing career opportunities in the fields of

  • Professional Photographer
  • Fashion Photographer
  • Product Photographer for e-commerce sites
  • Travel Photographer
  • Forensic Photographer
  • Photojournalist
  • Fine Art Photographer
  • Photoblogger
  • Freelance Photographer

Hamstech Institute of Creative Education being a pioneer in its area of educating about creative things attracts placement offers from renowned companies that offer a lucrative pay and are great for having a global view of the job. The placement offers are from

  • IKEA
  • Home Town
  • Furniture World
  • Asian Paints
  • ColourPic
  • PepperFry
  • Design Ink

Any job requires patience, hard work and the ability to persevere. In creative fields, it is necessary to be unique in presenting even old ideas. It all takes a new way of looking into a problem to be able to find a creative solution.

It’s a beautiful thing when a career and a passion come together.