Hacks to spend weekends in hostel – How not to get bored during the weekend in Hostel?


After having a tiresome and strained week, students look forward to their weekends to de-stress themselves. Weekends are the most awaited days for the students as they can do numerous activities apart from studying and attending lectures. But this becomes a little complicated when you are staying in a hostel away from your family and close friends. The rules of the hostel bound you according to their disciplinaries and as a result, you cannot resort to the activities which you would have performed if you were in your hometown. Therefore, you face boredom and loneliness missing your family and friends back at home. Also, since you are living alone you have to keep a check on your pocket because using too much money in leisure activities can give rise to a shortfall. Rather than simply lying on your bed or gazing out of your window in a depressed state and making a picture in your mind of your hostel as a prison, you can always undertake these not so expensive hostel hacks to spend weekends in hostel.

Hacks to spend weekends in hostel

Call Family or friends

Call Family or Friends - Hacks to spend weekends in hostel - How not to get bored during the weekend in Hostel

Hostel life is very busy for a student during the weekdays but it is equally boring during the weekends. The person may not have his friends around for the first few days and therefore he might miss his family. Here, you can consider calling your family and having a long conversation with them. You can also type a long message correctly demonstrating your feelings to your parents or siblings if you are shy about saying it out loud. This will freshen up your mood and make you feel light-hearted.

Read Books

Read Books

As it is rightly said, “Books are man’s best friends”. You can consider reading some great self-help non-fictional books which will help to boost up your confidence and make you strong enough to live your life in the hostel. Some suggestions would be The Secret, The Alchemist, The Hero and also some of the books by Author Dale Carnegie. If you find these books a bit monotonous and dull, you might also read fictional genres such as Romantic Thriller, Suspense, Mystery etc. Novoneel Chakraborty, Preeti Shenoy, Durjoy Dutta, Nikita Singh etc are some of the Indian authors who have written amazing books which will keep you glued to it throughout your weekend.

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Watch a movie/show in the afternoon

Watch a movie in the afternoon - Hacks to spend weekends in hostel - How not to get bored during the weekend in Hostel


You can utilise your time watching the latest movies in the afternoon. They will help you to temporarily feel good and distracted while watching the movie. Also, listening to slow music can instantly make up your mood or else you can just play a hard party number and start dancing to it with your roommates. Developing a good relationship with your roommates is very important since they are the ones who will be there for you when you are away from your family at the hostel.

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Play board games or card games

Play board games or card games - Hacks to spend weekends in hostel - How not to get bored during the weekend in Hostel

There is a room in the hostel for spending your time leisurely and which will help you to engage yourself in fun-filled activities. You can call upon your roommates and classmates to play a board or card game which will keep you occupied for a couple of hours. It will also help you to win new friends and gradually you will not feel lonely anymore.

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Explore the city

Since you are staying in a new part of the world which is still alien to you, it would be exciting to explore the city. You can visit the parks, beaches, historical monuments or simply go on a shopping spree and try the food outlets in the city. Travelling alone or with any of your hostel friends will definitely make you feel productive and at the end of the day, you will feel great about yourself.

Try Google

Now, this is the most preferred way of passing your time. Using the Google search engine to kill your curiosity can surely keep you laboured for a long period of time. You can search about various topics which interest you, like fashion, food, history, foreign places, unknown facts, sports etc. This can make your dull day into a bright one. Also, your level of knowledge boosts with all the new information you have got.

Potluck Party

Potluck Party - Hacks to spend weekends in hostel - How not to get bored during the weekend in Hostel

This is a type of party where each person from the group cooks one dish and shares it with others. Other than the benefit of food variant, the students also cook in a group which helps them to know each other, building teamwork and unity. Food is something which lures every individual and people usually get in terms with each other over meals.

Having these ideas listed out, one can definitely show their productivity during the weekends and make themselves occupied. Once you have made some good bunch of friends, you won’t feel lonely anymore while spending time in the hostel. It is upon us and our state of mind which leads us to think about how to see a particular situation. The moment you develop that confidence, self-esteem and the eagerness to talk to new people, you would know how to go about such situations in life

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