Gargi College – Reflecting standards of the renowned Delhi University


Nestled in the South Campus of Delhi University, Gargi College is one of the stellar institutions for girls. It sprung up in the year 1967 and since then, the college has embarked on a noble journey of imparting education in Arts and Humanities, Commerce and Science to women from all walks of life. It is a public college so the fees are very affordable vis-a-vis the quality of education that is first-rate and wholesome. According to the India Today Survey, Gargi stands 9th among the Art colleges of India and 7th in the Department of Sciences. Gargi sits adjacent to Kamala Nehru College on August Kranti Marg, another constituent college affiliated to the University. The website, can be referred to for a virtual tour of the campus.

The college derives its name from enlightened women named Gargi who is much talked about in the Brihadaranyaka Upanishada of the Vedic Age. This woman posed many intelligent questions to the great sage Yajnavalkya and embodied the spirit of the quest for knowledge and faith. In the religious texts, Gargi threw considerable light on the intellectual potential of humans and this is what the college strives to ingrain in every one of its students.

Gargi is one of the two puissant colleges in Delhi to have been awarded the Prestigious College with a Potential for Excellence grant, by the University Grants Commission in 2004-2005. The college was honoured with laurels because of the holistic approach that it exhibits while teaching as well as it’s immaculate track record in academic and other facets of college functioning.

The college has a distinguished faculty of over 180 members, some of which are engaged in research programmes funded by UGC and DST. Faculty members also lend a helping hand to students of M.Sc and PhD and have research collaboration both at national and international level. It is a supremely proud fact that not only the faculty but also the students of the college publish research papers and are a step ahead.

The infrastructure of the college is top-notch, together with well-equipped classrooms and laboratories. The campus is Wi-Fi enabled and a state-of-the-art auditorium and seminar hall are the latest additions to the college. Moreover, a well-stocked library possessing all relevant information is also housed on the campus and is available online. A photocopy shop and bookstore are provided for the convenience of the students.

Girls have myriad alternatives to choose from as the area is dotted with hangouts and eateries. Dig-In Cafe, Keventers, Mithapur lies just across the street and give off mouth-watering aroma. With close proximity to GK-1 M Block Market, Hauz Khas Village and Green Park, girls from Gargi College have easy access to delicious food chains. Also, the location of the college is prime with Moolchand and Green Park metro station providing an easy commute to the students. Autos can be taken or shared to get to the college.

Gargi College has proved it’s worth by turning out many notable alumni who attained both success for themselves and fame for their alma mater. The list includes Alankrita Sahai, Huma Qureshi, Sonal Chauhan, Urvashi Rautela, Sanya Malhotra and Janvi Anand.

Hence, it is needless to say that Gargi is a much-wanted college of Delhi University. It sees unending lines of students standing outside the gates, seeking admission every year. The craze is real and the worth is no facade.

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