Facilities offered at FTII Pune

The Film and Television Institute of India, nestled in Pune, is designed for a whole new generation of storytellers, visual and performing artists who share a passion for motion pictures and want to learn by making their own projects in a hands-on, intensive program. FTII Pune students are not lost in large classes. As an explicit policy, FTII Pune limits class size, to make individual attention and interaction among students and instructors possible. All students are encouraged to meet faculty one-on-one for consultation throughout their course creating an environment that promotes personal development and learning.
The FTII Pune is furnished with the most state-of-the-art equipment. At first, students are only allowed to use the low-end equipment. It’s only later that they gradually get to work with the advanced equipment through demonstrations and individual practicals. Some of its salient features are as follows:

Facilities at FTII Pune

• There are two Film studio floors: Studio I & II – of dimensions 175 ft X 80 ft and 97 ft X 51 ft respectively. There are 4 of 35 mm cameras and 4 of 16 mm cameras for shooting films and video cameras ranging from the low-end to the high-end digital models. The HMI type of lights have also been made available for students’ use.
• There are a string of film editing facilities provided like Moviolas and Steenboks. As far as video editing is concerned, facilities available are from the low-end to high-end. Also, there are non-linear editing systems for use.
• In the Sound department, an exclusive Sound studio dubbing with rock-n-roll projection facilities. Not only this, it has also recently acquired the Harrison audio mixing console too.
• In addition to nagras, there are two Television studios : Studio I & II – of dimensions 60 ft X 40 ft X 22 ft and 50 ft X 40 ft X 22 ft that are well equipped with the state-of-the-art facilities. The studios are furnished with motorized lighting systems, computer-driven martin special effect facilities, follow Spots etc. One studio comes with digital broadcast quality studio camera chain. There are multilingual character generators (CGs) and computer-driven teleprompt facilities among other accessories. Ultimate chrome-keyer is another noted asset of the Television wing.
• The Institute has a full-fledged Graphics Department that is always willing to make contributions and sizable inputs. Moreover, the department has acquired 02 Silicon Graphics Facility to augment and enhance it’s performance and working. 
• Multimedia Laboratory: A computer laboratory equipped fitted with the latest software provides students with the ideal opportunity to hone their skill through multi-media practical. Its essential aim is to help students learn and grasp the full range of computer applications for the media.
• Book, Film and Video Library: The FTII library boasts of a large collection of books pertaining to film, television, theatre, arts and literature and also subscribes to a number of media-related periodicals and journals from both India and abroad. The Institute has a mammoth collection of films and videos and also has access to the collection of the National Film Archive of India housed near the campus.
• Screenings: The “daily screening” is peculiar to student life at FTII. A variety of classics and contemporary national and international films are screened every evening from Monday to Friday either at the FTII Main Theatre or at the National Film Archives of India. In addition to that, Saturday screenings celebrate popular Indian cinema ensuring that students stay in touch with the prevalent practice of film-making in the country. The trend of late night screenings permits students to watch films of their liking.
• Sports and Games Facilities: The FTII also provides a plethora of opportunities for students to engage in games and sports. The Institute has a gym, a swimming pool and a playing field tucked in its campus. The one-day cricket match between the students and the Alumni of the FTII is a much anticipated event that takes place every year.
The Film and Television Institute of India, Pune has a functional official website which can be consulted for further information and a panoramic view of the campus, including courses and programs available. FTII, Pune is the official hub of filmmaking that demands the integration of many kinds of knowledge. It is this integration of knowledge that distinguishes FTII, Pune from many other film schools.