Freedom to be creative | Students deserve Creative freedom | Freedom to learn


Creativity means freedom to explore and learn new things. It means the ability to think differently. It is the act of turning ideas into reality. Creativity involves two processes thinking and then producing. Students should also be given this creative freedom. They should be encouraged to do something different so that they can explore their talents. It is not necessary that a student who stood first in class will be the most successful person in life. To be successful, creativity is necessary. For example, Bill Gates, founder of Microsoft was a Harvard dropout but now he is the world’s richest man. Nowadays the role of creativity has become very important.

So, the point is creative freedom of students not only means learning new things but it also means that the environment which is offered to students should be self-sufficient to impart their creativity. For example: Attendance in the colleges can be lowered. It is a problem especially in private colleges. Some of the colleges have made the rule that 75% attendance should be compulsory. Let us see how this affects the creative freedom of students.

75% attendance should not be compulsory

  • Learning can’t be done inside four walls of the classroom.
  • It is a hindrance because students who want to participate in extracurricular activities can’t do so.
  • Attendance should be compulsory only till the school level.
  • 75% attendance does not impart discipline rather it hinders the creativity of the students.
  • Most of the learning happens outside the classroom.
  • Learning is a choice, it cannot be imposed.

Teacher’s Guidance

This point might seem awkward to most of the people but let me clarify. For example, we have a group of students and they are told that they can do whatever they feel like, will they ever become creative? Obviously not. The general trend is that we tend to do things what works for us. We never try something different and when we are unsuccessful we tend to criticise the education system or our senior officials. Now let’s come to the point what can teachers do. A teacher must ask students what they are curious about and give them time to work on it. Teacher should not stop a student from experimenting. He/She should be given complete freedom over how they work. No need for constant guidance because it feels more like an interruption, ideally, a teacher should only tell a student of their mistake when they have completed the work.

Remove Grade System

  • Grades cannot determine the true potential of a student.
  • Students are afraid of trying new things because they think that their grades will get affected.
  • Most of the parents also don’t encourage their children to do new things. They tell them to concentrate on their studies. This hinders the ability of a child.
  • Colleges should encourage students to participate in extracurricular activities.
  • A student should be judged on what he or she can do.
  • Grades doesn’t show the amount of hard work a student has put.
  • Grade system can affect the self confidence of a student.

Given this creative freedom, students will surely thrive and produce even better results.